What Is The Ideal Male Body Type?

23 Jul 2015

What Is The Ideal Male Body Type?

What would you define as the “perfect male body”? Is it a strong-jawed David Beckham-style face? Would you want to have a svelte physique, or a “jacked and stacked” bodybuilder look?
Actually, results from a study show men and women see the ideal male differently. To men, the ideal body looks like a beefy, juiced-up gladiator. Knowing this, why don’t we see this type of guy walking around more often?



In nature, seeing this gladiator body is one in a million. Not only would you have to have an insanely strict, committed lifestyle to get it, but you’d unfortunately also have to have good genes. That’s not a natural look for most.

Thankfully, we now live in an era where male plastic surgery is a recognized and respected option. Male plastic surgery is designed to enhance masculine features, leaving you with amazingly sexy results. So, the once-practically impossible gladiator bod can literally be a nip and tuck away.

Some guys may be thinking, “Hey, I want what ladies want in me!” Surprise! The aforementioned study also found what women think is the ideal male body. Women opted for a slender but equally chiseled David Gandy torso, Brad Pitt biceps, and David Beckham legs.

No matter what your ideal body is, plastic can help you attain it. Realizing that not all men want the same body shape, Dr. Steinbrech dedicated his life to helping men get the body they want – no matter what their ideal is. From male models to CEO/boardroom men, Dr. Steinbrech can help you attain your body aspirations.

Whether you’re looking for a simple confidence boost or merely trying to impress the sexy ladies in your life, male plastic surgery definitely can help you achieve your personal goals. Don’t feel stuck in a body you don’t feel happy in – talk to a surgeon today.

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