Male Gluteal Augmentation and Buttock Implants in San Francisco

Men who want to add volume to their buttocks but can’t seem to get results at the gym should consider getting a gluteal augmentation. Many men in San Francisco find it to be embarrassing. Dr. Steinbrech’s office has helped men from all walks of life get a natural, more proportional, and fuller behind using world-class buttock implants and other gluteal enhancements designed with male needs in mind. Dr. Steinbrech offers two solutions – implants and fat transfers. Buttock implants offer the look of naturally “built” buttocks. Implants can give a balanced profile or a more proportional physique. Implants are made of medical-grade silicone and are made to feel like regular human muscle. Buttock augmentation for men in San Francisco gives a more proportional appearance works by using injections of the patient’s own body fat.

Fat Transfers for Buttock Augmentation

The main method Dr. Steinbrech uses to perform buttock augmentation is a fat transfer. Fat transfers, sometimes called fat injections, grew in popularity over recent years. They are a safe, biocompatible, and effective filler that gives natural-looking results. Buttock augmentation fat transfers are a series of painless injections in the “donor” area as well as the recipient area. The procedure itself will be a two-part process. For the first portion, male patients undergo the fat removal from one area, often via liposuction or a similar approach. The fat is then treated and cleaned for transfer. Once the collected fat is properly treated, it gets injected into the buttock area, completing the procedure.

Buttock Implants for Men in San Francisco

Implants are the other option that allows men to get a better behind. All buttock augmentation implants are individually chosen by Dr. Steinbrech and will be matched based on what appearance you want to have. Gluteal implants are made of medical-grade silicone that feels just like a regular body part to the touch. During your procedure, Dr. Steinbrech makes an incision and inserts the implant in a place that optimizes appearance and comfort. Unlike fat transfers, buttock implants will always retain their shape and never require maintenance. The typical buttock implant procedure that’s done in San Francisco requires general anesthesia. The operation will take an average of two hours, possibly slightly. Dr. Steinbrech’s work leaves minimal marks.

Recovery from Gluteal Augmentation Surgery: What to Know

After receiving gluteal implants, male patients must avoid sitting, bending, doing squats, or even lying on their backs. This recovery period can last for as long as three weeks post procedure. If you are looking to get gluteal implants in San Francisco, make sure that you have enough time off to do so. Compression garments will be offered to patients to promote healing, relieve pain from walking, and also reduce swelling. Most men will probably experience mild to moderate swelling post-surgery – as well as bruising. Most male patients in San Francisco are cleared to work within two to three weeks after gluteal augmentation.

Want to Get Gluteal Augmentation in San Francisco?

Dr. Steinbrech is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who focuses on a man’s aesthetic needs. That’s why any patient interested in gluteal implants should call his office for a no-obligation consultation and find out what he can offer.


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