Male Gluteal Augmentation and Buttock Implants in Miami

Male Gluteal Augmentation and Buttock Implants in Miami

Male patients in Miami looking to firm up, enlarge, or re-shape their buttocks should consider getting gluteal augmentation at Dr. Steinbrech’s office. Buttock implants create the illusion of naturally fuller buttocks; giving a balanced profile by making up for a deficit of natural fat on your butt. Buttock augmentation for men in Miami who want a fuller frame can be achieved with injections of the patient’s own body fat or by using silicone implants.

In many cases, male bodybuilders seek out gluteal augmentation when they are unable to develop muscles that naturally balance out the appearance of the rest of their body. That being said, many men in Miami of all shapes, ages, and sizes seek gluteal implants for a boost in self-confidence or a more youthful-looking behind. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is a specialist in male buttock implants and enhancements for his patients based in Miami using fat transfer procedures.

Fat Transfer for Buttock Augmentation

The most regularly used method for buttock augmentation is a fat transfer. Fat injection, often called fat grafting, has rapidly grown in popularity as a safe, effective filler offering natural-looking results. Fat transfers for buttock augmentation require needle injections into the gluteal area. This procedure is a two-part process. First, it’ll require the liposuction of one area to collect the fat that will be transferred. Fat transfer involves harvesting the fat from one area of the body to be treated and purified before being injected into the target area. After the fat is treated, it’s injected into the targeted area. The procedure is safe, long-lasting and offers natural looking results.

Buttock Implants for Men in Miami

Buttock augmentation implants are custom-tailored and chosen by Dr. Steinbrech in his Miami clinic to best achieve the results you want. In the case of using implants rather than fat, Dr. Steinbrech opts for silicone implants. This implant material provides the natural result and feels men want. The silicone implant is placed in its ideal position for comfort and aesthetic outcome, providing a fuller region that is permanent unless they’re surgically removed. The surgical buttock implants procedure in Miami requires general anesthesia and the time you will take in surgery is two hours. Dr. Steinbrech places small incisions in the best possible areas of the buttocks for virtually invisible marks.

The Recovery from Gluteal Augmentation Surgery

After gluteal augmentation or butt implants, you can expect to avoid sitting down or lying on your back for up to three weeks post procedure. Special compression garments will be given to you to help reduce swelling. Slight swelling post-procedure is typical, as is some light bruising or discomfort. However, male patients in Miami should typically return to work two to three weeks after buttock implants and gluteal augmentation when swelling will cease entirely after approximately six weeks.

For more information about gluteal augmentation and buttock implants for men in Miami and thesurrounding area, please call Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up a no-obligation consult today.


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