Male Gluteal Augmentation and Buttock Implants in Fort Lauderdale

Male Gluteal Augmentation and Buttock Implants in Fort Lauderdale

Having a flat butt is never attractive, and in men, it actually can make your body seem disproportional. Sadly, not all men can attain a fuller behind through squats at the gym. What’s worse is that a flat butt can even make a man look older than he really is. That’s why male gluteal augmentation is so popular in Fort Lauderdale – it’s a solution to a common problem.

Buttock implants make up for a deficit of natural tissue on a man’s buttocks. Just like with other

implants, gluteal implants are made of surgical-grade silicone that feels natural to the touch. If you are not a candidate for implants, fat transfer augmentation uses injections of the patient’s own body fat to get similar results.

Fat Transfer for Buttock Augmentation

Dr. Steinbrech prefers to use a fat transfer for buttock augmentation. Fat transfer uses your own body fat as filler material to give natural-looking results. When doing fat transfers, gluteal augmentation procedure becomes a two-part process. For the first part of the procedure, Dr. Steinbrech will perform liposuction in a donor area of your choosing to collect transferable body fat. Next, the body fat will be treated and injected into your gluteal region. Results are immediately visible.

Buttock Implants for Men in Fort Lauderdale

Gluteal implants are a more permanent option for men seeking gluteal enhancements in Fort

Lauderdale. Each silicone, a natural-feel implant is personally chosen by Dr. Steinbrech after your consultation. The silicone will be paired to match your ideal goal and body type.

During your operation, Dr. Steinbrech adds a small incision near your thighs, and the implant gets placed inside. Dr. Steinbrech finds the best position for implant users who want both comfort and visual appeal.

Implants offer a permanent procedure, no maintenance required.

Dr. Steinbrech requires that patients have general anesthesia for implants. The entire procedure takes two hours, and has minimal scarring associated with it.

Your Recovery

After receiving implants or fat transfer, recovering patients must avoid sitting, bending, or resting supine for as much as three weeks post-surgery. Dr. Steinbrech will help men cope with this downtime, offer compression garments to promote rapid healing, and will personally coach them on when they can return to work or the gym.

Want to Get Gluteal Augmentation in Fort Lauderdale?

Not many offices are willing to offer gluteal augmentation for men in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Steinbrech does because he understands how important it is for a man to feel his best. To learn about gluteal augmentation, call Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic and book a no-obligation consultation today.


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