What Are Forearm Implants?

Forearm implants are soft, silicone inserts placed in the lower arm, between the elbow and wrist. This area is known as the dorsolateral aspect of the forearm. For men in the Chicago area dissatisfied with the mass and definition of their forearms, especially when compared with the upper arm muscles, these implants provide an excellent solution. These insertions will help improve the appearance of any patients’ forearms, and the small, hidden incision will conceal any scarring.

When the desired appearance of the forearms is unattainable through exercise and diet alone, Dr. Steinbrech and his team at Alpha Male Plastic Surgery offer forearm implants that are an excellent option to help attain a filled-out, symmetrical appearance for the entire body.

How Are Forearm Implants Performed on Men?

Male forearm implants are completed through a relatively straightforward procedure. The patient is usually placed under “conscious sedation,” although at the discretion of your doctor, general anesthesia may be preferred. A soft and solid silicone implant, fashioned for each patient’s physical specificities, is crafted before the procedure. During the procedure, an incision is made, and the implant is placed under the skin within the soft tissue of the forearm. Placement in this area allows for maximum aesthetic augmentation, and will also help to form healing tissue which will keep the implant in place. Once the procedure is completed, the incision is closed with sutures and a bandage is applied to aid in the healing process. Results are immediately visible, although it usually takes up to four weeks for patients to experience a full recovery.

forearm implants for men in chicagoPreparation For Forearm Implants

During the initial consultation, Dr. Steinbrech will ensure that patients are physically and mentally prepared for the forearm implant procedure. As with any medical procedure, the patient’s medical records will be reviewed, and, when necessary, blood work and imaging will also be taken.

In this meeting, the doctor will explain the operation in detail, elaborating on any possible risks and answering any patient questions or concerns. This will also allow for Dr. Steinbrech to learn more about each patient’s specific aesthetic goals, and to ensure that patients have realistic expectations about the results of forearm implants.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Forearm Implants?

Forearm implants are a good option when maximum muscle mass and definition have already been attained through diet and exercise. Many men find the muscles of the forearm particularly difficult to develop, especially in comparison with those of the upper arm. Forearm implants help men to restore proportionality to their body; any man who struggles to achieve his desired aesthetic balance makes an excellent candidate for this procedure.

male forearm implants in chicagoForearm Implants Are a Good Option If You:

  • Struggle to achieve your desired muscle mass in the forearm area
  • Have reached your physical limitations through diet and exercise
  • Seek a more balanced and proportional muscularity of the arm

What Can I Expect From My Forearm Implant Recovery?

Due to the different aesthetic and surgical needs of each individual, the postoperative experience can vary greatly. Mild to moderate discomfort and swelling in the forearm area is likely to occur. Although a combination of medication and surgical dressings will help alleviate these side effects.

Dr. Steinbrech’s team provides postoperative follow-ups for each patient, during which specific instructions for recovery will be provided. It generally takes around two weeks to restore the full range of motion of the arms, and most patients fully recover within four weeks, after which time all normal physical activity may resume.

Schedule a Forearm Implant Consultation

Book your consult with us today at our Chicago office. For more information about forearm implant surgery for men, please call to speak to our patient care coordinator. Dr. Steinbrech is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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