Let’s Talk About “Man Boobs…”

17 Mar 2015

Let’s Talk About “Man Boobs…”

“Man Boobs.” You’ve heard the term. What many may not know is that breast enlargement in men is a common and treatable condition called gynecomastia. A more technical, academic definition of gynecomastia (other than “man boobs”) is the swelling of breast tissue in boys or men caused by a hormone imbalance.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Testosterone and estrogen are what control the development of sex characteristics in humans. When the amount of estrogen becomes higher than that of testosterone, breast growth can result in males.
These hormone changes aren’t always abnormal. Male infants can get this due to exposure to their mother’s estrogen. Hormone levels fluctuate during a boy’s teen years as well. In many cases, the enlarged breast tissue that may result goes down without treatment within six months to two years.

Sometimes, it can be caused by other issues. Disorders such as Klinefelter’s syndrome can easily result in decreased testosterone production and relatively high estrogen levels. Certain testicular cancers may also cause men to secrete hormones, leading to breast growth.

The Psychological Problems of Having “Man Boobs”

It’s no secret that man boobs can cause serious social problems, especially if the breast enlargement is pronounced. Countless young men suffered through taunting and ostracization over their “man boobs” during high school and college. Breast growth is one of the most common reasons why men refuse to lift up their shirts, and with summer rapidly approaching, it can easily instill dread in any man suffering from this condition.

And with beach season approaching, the desire to correct this condition is even more pressing.

Treatment for “Man Boobs” with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

Fortunately, there are solutions. Male breast reduction surgery can help get a flatter, firmer appearance. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech performs these procedures on an outpatient basis on a daily basis. During surgery, glandular tissue is removed from the breasts, and in extreme cases, excess skin may be extracted as well. The end result is a permanent reduction in male breast tissue – and a massive boost in your confidence!

The Treatment Gallery by Dr. Steinbrech

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