Hi-Def Pectoral Augmentation for Men in West Palm Beach

Hi-Def Pectoral Augmentation for Men in West Palm Beach

The demand for Hi-Def pectoral augmentation for men in West Palm Beach has been exploding, and it’s easy to see why. No beach body is fully ready without pecs – and sadly, most men can’t really develop their own, even when they hit the gym religiously. That’s where pectoral augmentation comes into play. Dr. Steinbrech’s method, Hi-Def pec augmentation, is a pectoral implant procedure that gives men a noticeably more muscular look to their physique. This is a great way to get pecs when regular gymming doesn’t work.

The Hi-Def Pectoral Procedure

Hi-Def pectoral implants use general anesthesia and take about an hour to do. During the implant procedure, small silicone implants are inserted via an obscure incision near the armpit. Dr. Steinbrech adds the implant, then closes the incision. Pec implants get locked into place by the patient’s natural pectoralis muscle. Male pec implants feel firm to the touch and won’t interfere with gym routines. No one will ever know you had it done!

Post-Surgical Care

After Hi Def pectoral implant surgery, male patients in West Palm Beach experience light to moderate levels of soreness and discomfort. This discomfort subsides within three days to a week after surgery. Though men can return to work after a week, high-stress activities have to be avoided for as much as six weeks after surgery day. Want to see what you’d look like with  Hi-Def pec augmentation, or see why men in West Palm Beach love this procedure? Book your consultation with Dr. Steinbrech today.

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