Hi Def Pectoral Augmentation for Men in San Francisco

Hi Def Pectoral Augmentation for Men in San Francisco

Do you hit the gym for built pectoral muscles, but never actually see results? You’re not alone, and that’s why Hi Def pectoral augmentation for men in San Francisco has been booming. Pectoral augmentation, also known as pec implants or pectoral enhancement, started as a way to improve the overall look of male bodybuilders who didn’t see good results from gymming. These days, men of all backgrounds love pec implants because they want their own bodies to look great. Pectorial enhancements are one of the top cosmetic procedures for men who want to balance their bodies out. Dr. Steinbrech’s unique technique involving Hi Def pec augmentation gives men a noticeably more muscular contour to their body.

The Hi Def Pectoral Procedure

Hi Def pectoral implants will require the patient to undergo general anesthesia. During this simple procedure, small implants are inserted via a small, obscure incision created by the male patient’s armpit. The implants are naturally locked into place by the patient’s pectoralis muscle. Muscle function will not get reduced by the implant, and unlike the implants commonly in female enhancements, male-oriented implants are never filled  with saline. Therefore, they feel firm to the touch.

Post-Surgical Care

After Hi Def pectoral augmentation, the majority of male patients in San Francisco will experience varying levels of soreness and discomfort for a couple of days after surgery. It’s important to take it easy during this time. High-impact physical activity (like exercise) should be avoided for as much as six weeks after surgery day. Thankfully, regular work can be resumed in as little time as five to seven days. To learn more about Dr. Steinbrech’s Hi Def pectoral augmentation for men in San Francisco and the surrounding areas, give us a call. Your no-obligation consultation will help you learn whether implants are right for you.
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