Hi-Def Pectoral Augmentation for Men in Miami

Hi-Def Pectoral Augmentation for Men in Miami

Pectoral implants started as a way to improve the figure of male bodybuilders who struggled to develop their pectoral muscles with regular exercise. They desire a muscular, fuller look, and pec implants could give it to them. Dr. Steinbrech is an expert in Hi-Def pectoral augmentation for men in Miami and abroad. Today, pectoral implants are one of the most popular chest-enhancement procedures for thousands of men seeking to look buff.

Dr. Steinbrech’s Hi Def Pec Augmentation adds a sculpted contour to the male chest.

This surgery will always require general anesthesia. With this augmentation, implants are inserted via a small incision in the male patient’s armpit. The implants are then kept tightly in place by the natural pectoralis muscle surrounding the implant. Muscle function itself is not hindered with the implant, giving patients the ability to continue their exercise routines after healing. Unlike the implants used for female breast enhancements, male implants aren’t filled and feel firm to the touch.

Hi-Def Pec Enhancement differs from a typical pectoral implant surgery as Dr. Steinbrech artfully gives a chiseled, defined and full look.

Following Hi-Def pectoral augmentation, male patients in Miami can expect soreness and discomfort for a couple of days after surgery. Full physical activity (like strenuous exercise) should be avoided for up to six weeks. That being said, normal activity can be resumed after as little time as a week.

To learn more about Hi-Def pectoral augmentation for men and pec implants in Miami, contact Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up your free consultation today.

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