Hi-Def Pectoral Augmentation for Men in Fort Lauderdale

Hi Def Pectoral Augmentation For Men In Fort Lauderdale

The desire to get Hi-Def pectoral augmentation for men in Fort Lauderdale increased dramatically over the past couple of years. It makes sense. No man’s beach body is summer-ready without pecs. Gymming and diet alone aren’t always enough to help men develop pectoral muscles. That’s where augmentation comes into play.

Dr. Steinbrech’s Hi-Def pec augmentation is a specialized pectoral implant operation that gives men a way to get pecs when hitting weights doesn’t work. This procedure features surgical-grade implants for permanent results.

The Hi-Def Pectoral Procedure

When Dr. Steinbrech starts the Hi-Def pectoral implants procedure, he uses general anesthesia. In this, small silicone implants are inserted via an obscure incision the doctor makes near the armpit. Once the implants are added in, Dr. Steinbrech closes the incision. It takes about an hour to do. You never have to worry about implants moving. Your pectoral implants are locked into place by your own natural pectoralis muscle. They also don’t feel like “boobs.” Male pec implants are designed to be firm to the touch like muscle. They don’t even interfere with gym routines. They are as natural as can be.

Post-Surgical Care

After a typical Hi-Def pectoral implant surgery, male patients in Fort Lauderdale will experience light to moderate levels of pain and discomfort. Dr. Steinbrech will offer advice on how to mitigate discomfort during your consultation. Most side effects will subside within four days to a week. Though men are able to return to work after a week, high-stress activities and gym workouts have to be delayed or avoided for as long as six weeks after your procedure.

Hi-Def pectoral augmentation isn’t easy to find. If you want to be one of the many men with better pecs this summer, call Dr. Steinbrech’s office for a no-obligation consult today.


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