Hi-Def Liposculpting With BodyBanking® for Men NYC

A liposuction is a great tool that has been used by plastic surgeons for decades. The thing is, liposuction in its traditional form doesn’t offer the high definition, contoured, and toned look that people want to have. Dr. Steinbrech came up with a solution when he mastered Hi-Def liposculpting for men.

What Is Hi-Def Liposculpting?

Hi-Def liposculpting is a form of liposuction that creates the illusion of muscular definition using a variety of techniques. This may include suctioning out a portion of fat around abdomen, or even tapering off the liposuction as it reaches a certain point in your body. Each Hi-Def liposculpting procedure is different – but the results are all magnificent.

Most men use Hi-Def liposculpting to get a six-pack abdomen or to showcase a certain muscle group they have worked hard to grow.

What to Expect from Hi-Def Liposculpting

If you are looking to get a more toned, muscular look, you will want to check out this procedure. Local or general anesthesia can be used, depending on how much fat you wish to be removed.

The Hi-Def lipo

procedure itself can take anywhere from one to five hours.

After your procedure, you will have swelling. Bandages, drainage tubes, and compression garments might need to be given to you by Dr. Steinbrech in order to facilitate healing and reduce complications. He’ll explain more about that during your consultation. Patients can go back to work relatively quickly, with five days being the average downtime required.

Get Hi-Def Liposculpting Today

Dr. Steinbrech is always willing to help men figure out if they are ready to get Hi-Def liposculpting. If you’re curious about this procedure, call our offices to book an appointment for a consultation today.


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