Hi-Def Liposculpting With BodyBanking®

Hi-Def Liposculpting is a great procedure for men where diet and exercise have not achieved the results sought.  A typical liposuction experience is one that doesn’t always offer enough shape and contouring to a man’s physique. To get a more muscular and natural look, you will need to seek out Hi-Def liposculpting for men.

This form of liposuction etches away fat carefully, giving men a more contoured appearance that reveals their muscles beautifully. The entire procedure lasts for one to five hours and can use general or local anesthesia, depending on how much fat is being removed.

Are You A Candidate for Hi-Def Liposculpting for Men? Male Lipo Before and After

Hi-Def liposculpting is a procedure that many male patients want, but not all should get. According to Dr. Steinbrech, the ideal male candidate for Hi-Def lipo sculpting has the following traits:

  • Generally in good health
  • Wants to have a more muscular appearance, but hasn’t been able to get results at the gym
  • Is realistic about results

Dr. Steinbrech will go over methods and candidacy during your consultation. Each liposculpting procedure will be different, so it’s important for him to see you to tell you what you should expect.

Recovery from treatment

Like with any other surgery, you should expect to see some pain, swelling, and bruising in the days following your surgery. Dr. Steinbrech may use compression garments, drainage tubes, painkillers, and antibiotics to facilitate your healing process.

Most male patients who undergo Hi-Def liposculpting will have about a month of hard recovery.

However, a typical patient will return to work within a week of their operation.

Top-rated Surgeon

Dr. Steinbrech’s office is always looking to help educate potential clients. Referred as “the go-to surgeon for men” by Forbes Magazine, You’re in good hands at Male Plastic Surgery. If you want to learn more about this procedure, call his office and book your no-obligation consult today.

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