Gynecomastia Treatments 101

16 Feb 2015

Gynecomastia Treatments 101

Gynecomastia is the result of a strong hormonal imbalance caused by a drop in testosterone or spike in estrogen in a man’s body. It can affect men of any age. Most people won’t notice the hormone imbalance, but will notice when the primary symptom, male breast growth, happens to them.

Men rarely want to talk about the fact that they may have breast tissue that doesn’t belong there. It’s understandable; it’s embarrassing. It’s a taboo subject, but it’s one that needs to be discussed. Thankfully, there are a variety of gynecomastia treatments that men can talk to their doctors about.

Gynecomastia Treatments


Sometimes, medications can alleviate gynecomastia. Most of them work by treating the hormonal imbalance. This medication can include tamoxifen, astrozole, and raloxifene. Medication involving hormones should always be taken cautiously due to the potential of adverse reactions. Doctors need to monitor this kind of treatment heavily. It’s risky and might not work.


Surgery is both the best option and the most effective treatment for gynecomastia. The operation can involve a mastectomy or liposuction, or both. Downtime is approximately one week, but the results last forever. Generally speaking, this is seen as one of the best ways to treat this condition – and trust us when we say that this option grows more popular with every day that passes.

Compression Vest

Yes, a compression vest or shirt can give immediate physical results. However, it only hides the symptoms. It’s not a real treatment as much as it is a short-term fix for a long-term problem. It’s far wiser to get surgery or medication than to try to hide a problem that could (literally) grow.

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