Gluteal Implants for Men in Chicago

What Are Gluteal Implants for Men?

Gluteal implants for men in Chicago, as well as nationwide, have grown increasingly popular among many men. This procedure will help patients in the Chicago area enlarge or reshape the size of the buttocks, offering a fuller, more balanced physical profile. This procedure is particularly appealing to bodybuilders, who often struggle to naturally develop the muscles of the buttocks in proportion to the rest of their body. Nevertheless, a more youthful, muscular appearance can be provided to male patients of all backgrounds and body types.

Gluteal augmentation can be achieved in one of two ways: via injections of the patient’s body fat or with the insertion of silicone implants under the patient’s skin. When a proper physical and dietary regimen has been followed, and the gluteal remains disproportionately small, a gluteal implant procedure will give men throughout Chicago fuller, healthier-looking glutes.

How Are Gluteal Implants Performed on Men?

Silicone implants are generally more effective at adding mass to the gluteal area than body fat injections. The procedure is, however, more invasive than nonsurgical fat injections, and naturally require more recovery time. Less invasive fat injections allow male patients to remove unwanted fat from specific areas of the body, allowing for more specific reshaping of the backside, but they tend to be less effective at adding mass. In your preoperative consultation, Dr. Steinbrech will come to a decision on which method is more suitable for you. Nevertheless, when carried out by a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Steinbrech, both methods are safe and effective.

Male Gluteal (Buttock) Implants Before and After

Preparation For Gluteal Implants

Preparation for gluteal augmentation varies depending on the type of procedure. Fat injections, which are less invasive, require very little operation on part of the patient. When opting for implants, patients will consult with Dr. Steinbrech to discuss expectations and concerns. Preoperative instructions will be provided at this meeting, though they generally include the cessation of smoking and the avoidance of certain medications. Patients should also arrange transportation home after the operation is completed, and not drive themselves.

Gluteal Implants for Men in Chicago

Who Is a Good Candidate For Gluteal Implants?

Men who have failed to achieve the desired mass, definition and proportionality of their glutes will find that implants are an excellent option to reshape the area. Dr. Steinbrech conforms each procedure to the specific needs of individual patients to achieve desired results. In particular, many male bodybuilders struggle to develop the backside. They often find that gluteal implants are highly effective at balancing out the proportions of their body. Many non-bodybuilders opt for this procedure as well, and for similar reasons. For any man in Chicago, gluteal implants will provide a healthier, more youthful appearance for your body where natural exercise has failed.

gluteal implants for men in chicagoGluteal Implants Are a Good Option If You:

  • Are dissatisfied with the natural shape, volume or definition of your buttocks
  • Have failed to achieve your desired look through proper diet and exercise
  • Desire more balanced proportions for your body, especially below the torso
  • Are looking for a boost in self-confidence and a youthful appearance

What Can I Expect From My Gluteal Implant Recovery?

Patients’ expectations for recovery should hinge on which procedure they opt for. As gluteal injections are a non-invasive and relatively straightforward procedure, most patients can return to work within a week of the operation. Bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort are common side effects of all fat injections, including in the buttocks area.

With silicone implants, the recovery time tends to be longer, due to the fact that a surgical operation is required. Swelling and discomfort are likely to occur, but can be alleviated with medication and bandaging in the postoperative period. Follow-up appointments are held to assist patients in the recovery process, but most physical activity can be resumed within one month.

It is important to note that recovery can differ greatly from patient to patient. During your preoperative consultation, Dr. Steinbrech will provide a more accurate idea of what to expect based on your specific circumstances.

Schedule a Gluteal Implant Consultation

Book your consult with us today at our Chicago office. For more information about gluteal implant surgery for men, please call to speak with our patient care coordinator. Dr. Steinbrech is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
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