Gluteal Enhancements for Men NYC

Male Gluteal Enhancements in NYC

Certain problems are much more likely to occur in men than in women. For example, having a lack of volume in the gluteal region is definitely more of a man’s issue than a woman’s issue. With men, having a “pancake butt” can cause a disproportional or even sickly appearance.

If going to the gym and dieting have not been improving your condition, there is some help that you can ask for gluteal enhancements for men. Dr. Steinbrech has helped hundreds of men get a better behind and a more proportional physique – and he can help you, too.

What Are Gluteal Enhancements Like?

Dr. Steinbrech uses two different methods to add volume and definition to a man’s gluteal regions. Fat transfers, also known as gluteal augmentation, use the transfer of body fat from one part of your body to help increase volume in your buttocks. In this procedure, fat is liposuctioned out from the donor area, treated, and then reintroduced into the buttocks. This is not a permanent procedure, but it’s ideal for men who have allergies or want little downtime. The surgery time for this is about an hour. Gluteal implants are a permanent solution made of surgical-grade silicone that looks and feel like real muscle. Each implant has to be specially chosen in order to ensure a natural appearance once the procedure is done. In this technique, Dr. Steinbrech creates an incision, places the implant, and then closes the incision. Surgery time is two hours.

Recovering From Gluteal Enhancements

Regardless of which procedure is used, certain things will remain true. These include the following notes:

  • Men will be told to avoid sitting down, laying down, or even bending over for about three weeks.
  • You will need special compression garments to reduce swelling.
  • Medication and drainage tubes may be necessary in certain cases.
  • Dr. Steinbrech will coach you during your recovery period to ensure you get the best results possible.

Get Gluteal Enhancements Today

Whether you’re a bodybuilder looking for better glutes, or a man who just wants to have a better

profile, calling Dr. Steinbrech for a no-obligation consultation is a great option.

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