Gluteal Enhancements for Men LA

Gluteal Enhancements for Men LA

A fuller behind isn’t just something men want to have for comfort sitting down; it can help men look more proportional and more attractive. Sadly, the gym doesn’t always work when it comes to giving men a more toned, muscular gluteal region. Dr. Steinbrech offers gluteal enhancements and implants for men who want better glutes, but can’t seem to get what they want from the gym.

Are Gluteal Enhancements for Men Right for Me?

Male patients who want gluteal enhancements need to be good candidates for surgery. Dr. Steinbrech will determine whether you are a candidate during your consultation. The ideal male patient for gluteal augmentation is:

  • Generally in good health
  • Upset about the sizes of his gluteal region
  • Has attempted to correct this issue with traditional methods to no avail
  • Is realistic about results

How Are Gluteal Enhancements for Men Performed?

Dr. Steinbrech offers two different methods for gluteal augmentation.

The first is a body fat transfer, which involves him collecting fat from a donor region, treating the body fat, and then injecting it in your gluteal region. This is hypoallergenic but may require occasional maintenance procedures to keep up the results.

The second, more permanent solution, is an implant. Gluteal implants feel just like a muscle and are

custom-picked by Dr. Steinbrech during your consultation. During this procedure, an incision is made, and the implant is placed inside. Dr. Steinbrech chooses a location that optimizes both comfort and aesthetic.

Recovery from Gluteal Enhancements

Regardless of which technique you choose, gluteal enhancement surgery will cause some swelling, bruising, and pain during the first couple of weeks. With implants and larger body fat transfers, patients will not be able to lay supine, sit, or squat for as much as three weeks.

Each recovery period for this procedure can vary, but you can expect to have around two to three weeks of downtime. Dr. Steinbrech will keep an eye on you during your recovery period, and will personally clear you to go back to work. All side effects subside after six weeks.

Interested in Gluteal Enhancements for Men?

Dr. Steinbrech is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in creating gluteal enhancements with a natural look and feel. If you’re interested in pursuing this plastic surgery option, call his offices for a no-obligation consultation.

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