Gladiator Abs in West Palm Beach

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech invented the Gladiator Abs™ procedure by perfecting the most advanced abdominal etching technique used on Hollywood A-listers. Gladiator Abs works to give the illusion of natural-looking abs by highlighting a man’s natural muscle tone and removing excess fat. With many men in West Palm Beach, gym-going has proven itself to be great, but still doesn’t offer the full results they aspire to. This option allows men to get a six pack they want, even if genetics won’t allow for it.

Patient Case Studies

Check out before-and-afters of Dr. Steinbrech’s real patients to see how Gladiator Abs can change your life.

The Procedure

This procedure takes an hour from start to finish and can be performed as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia or a more involved surgery using general anesthesia. The details of your Gladiator Abs procedure will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Steinbrech. Prior to being anesthetized, Dr. Steinbrech will trace an outline of your abdominal muscles on your stomach. These act as a visual guide during your surgery. You will then get anesthetic and a number of small incisions will then be made around your navel area. Once the incisions are made, a cannula (small liposuction tube) gets inserted underneath the skin. Using the cannula, the excess fatty tissue is liposuctioned out near the drawn lines. This, in turn, sculpts your abs. Once your abs are done, the procedure is complete.

Are You a Candidate for Gladiator Abs?

Getting Gladiator Abs in West Palm Beach requires you to be in great health. If you match this description, you are a candidate for Gladiator Abs:

  • Your health is good.
  • You have a body fat percentage no higher than 18%, and just want to get rid of the extra fat on
  • your stomach.
  • Your expectations are realistic.
  • You’re willing to diet and exercise to keep the results.

Complications & Risks

Though it is a relatively safe procedure, there are still risks associated with it. Side effects can alsomhappen, though they usually subside within days. Risks and side effects associated with Gladiator Ab surgery can include:

  • Bleeding, burns, and bruising
  • Scarring
  • Abdominal asymmetry
  • Infection.

Gladiator Abs Recovery Time

Recovery time varies greatly for male patients who receive Gladiator Abs in West Palm Beach. Side effects involving bruising, pain, and swelling are manageable using over-the-counter pain relief. Typically, Gladiator Abs patients can head back to work in about seven days. This isn’t a procedure that has immediate results. Gladiator Abs become entirely visible after six months, which is when your swelling has fully died down. You should not go to the gym for two weeks after your operation. During your recovery, Dr. Steinbrech will clear you for gym activities, and you may need to wear a compression garment over your abs for several weeks post-surgery.

Want to Get Gladiator Abs?

If you want more information on Gladiator Abs or feel ready to get this surgical procedure for yourself, contact Dr. Steinbrech’s West Palm Beach offices to book a painless, no-obligation consultation today.

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