Gladiator Abs in Miami

Gladiator Abs In Miami

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech perfected the abdominal etching technique via his new innovation, Gladiator Abs™. This one-of-a-kind procedure will surgically enhance your abdominal muscles’ appearance by removing unwanted fat. Gladiator Abs surgically sculpts your abs to help you get the sexy, ripped abs you always wanted. Though diet and exercise have lasting effects on one’s midsection, even the most well-disciplined individuals can still struggle with that aesthetic. Gladiators exemplified a hyper-masculine physique that still defines the ultimate strong, defined healthy male body prototype. And now, you can have abs like the gladiators of yore.

Patient Case Studies

Below are photos and testimonials male patients who were operated by Dr. Steinbrech’s. Check out case studies of real patients to see how Gladiator Abs improved their confidence thanks to this new innovative technique in cosmetic surgery.

The Procedure

The overall time to execute the Gladiator Abs procedure averages approximately an hour. This aesthetic procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure administering either local or general anesthesia. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Steinbrech will trace a light outline of the patient’s abdominal muscles with a marker. The lines will act as a guide for Dr. Steinbrech to during surgery, as several small incisions will need to be made around your belly button following the natural crease of the abdomen.

A small metal tube called a cannula will then be inserted underneath your skin for that raised ab effect. Using a liposuction-like technique, excess fat gets removed along the lines drawn by the surgeon, sculpting the abs into your desired contours. These incisions typically measure less than a quarter of an inch. They also may or may not require sutures to finish the procedure.

Are You a Candidate?

If you match this description, you are a candidate for Gladiator Abs:

  • You have good health
  • You’ve got already well-toned abdominal muscles
  • You feel disappointed in your current midsection due to an unwanted, stubborn layer of fat covering your muscles

Gladiator Abs are not appropriate for an individual with a significant amount of weight to lose from this region. This means that the ideal candidate should already be physically fit with an athletic muscle build. The Gladiator Ab technique will only be effective when the individual sustains only relatively small pockets of fat concentrated in the midsection. Male patients with a body fat percentage of greater than 18% are not candidates for this procedure.

Those considering to undergo this procedure should understand that after this surgery, following a healthy diet and exercise regimen is still essential to maintaining the results.

Complications & Risks

Though it is a relatively safe procedure, there are still risks to consider. Risks of Gladiator Ab surgery include:

  • Internal Bleeding
  • Excessive Scarring
  • Infection

It is necessary to hire an acclaimed surgeon to ensure satisfactory, safe, and evenly aesthetic results. When not performed by a credible, certified surgeon, it is very possible to experience temporary to permanent nerve damage around the belly button or get a serious infection.

Gladiator Abs Recovery Time

Recovery time can vary greatly for each male patient. Most men should expect to experience a little pain and discomfort, which should be manageable using over-the-counter pain relief. Most Gladiator Abs patients will return to work in about a week. The Gladiator Abs results will become fully apparent within six months after your body has had sufficient time to heal.

Common Side Effects

  • Swelling around your abdomen
  • Mild bruising
  • Redness near surgery areas

Dr. Steinbrech might instruct you to wear a compression garment over your abs for several weeks post-procedure. This helps lower swelling and helps the tissues adjust to their new places faster. For the first week or two post-surgery, strenuous activities and any form of heavy lifting need to be avoided.

For more information about Gladiator Abs, reach out to Dr. Steinbrech’s Miami clinic to set up your no-obligation consultation today. For out of town patients, please learn more about our Fly-In program.

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