Fat Injections (Body) for Men in West Palm Beach

When taken from the patient’s own body, fat injections are the most biocompatible, natural filler that plastic surgeons in West Palm Beach can use. Fat injection transfers extra fat from one part of your body to another. This gives the recipient part a fuller, contoured, and more youthful appearance – all without the need for pre-testing. Fat injections for men in West Palm Beach offer a great new way to get low-maintenance volume in problem areas like your legs, buttocks, and arms. Dr. Steinbrech is a leading male plastic surgeon who offers body fat transfers to men in the West Palm Beach area.

How Fat Injection Works

To begin, both the donor area and the recipient areas will be given anesthetic. Then, a medicated saline solution is then injected into the donor region to facilitate fat collection as seamlessly as possible. Dr. Steinbrech waits for the injection to take hold, and then collects excess fat in a syringe-like tool. After it’s collected, the fat gets treated and cleaned for re-injection into the recipient area. Then, the fat injections are done.

A Word About Fat Injection

When you first see the amount of fat that’s injected into you, you might be surprised. It looks excessive, but it’s really not. A fraction of the fat cells naturally reabsorbs into your after injection. So, male patients in West Palm Beach need not worry.

The Benefits of Fat Injections Include:

  • No pre-testing or allergic reactions due to natural biocompatibility
  • A short procedure time lasting an hour
  • Injections that can last months, years, or even be permanent
  • Minimal to no downtime or discomfort
  • Cost effective if paired with other surgical treatments

What to Consider Before Receiving Fat Injections in West Palm Beach

  • How long effects last can vary greatly from person to person
  • Swelling and bruising is typical for two to three days after your operation

Want More Information About Fat Injections?

Dr. Steinbrech offers no-obligation consultations to men in West Palm Beach who want to receive fat injections. To get your consultation, call our clinic to book an appointment with our staff today.



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