Facial Fat Injections for Men in San Francisco

The effects of aging are most clearly witness on the face, and that’s why men in San Francisco are looking towards facial fat injections to stave off wrinkles. Aging makes faces look hollow, sickly, and at times, even decrepit. Dr. Steinbrech’s office offers facial fat injections for men who want to stay young. Using fat injections, Dr. Steinbrech can add natural fullness throughout a man’s face. The fat used in the treatment is collected from your own body. Male patients who undergo this simple procedure look younger and face no chance of body rejection because they’re injecting their own fat into them.

Fat Injections Can Add Fullness:

  • In your lips and around your smile lines
  • Under your eyes
  • In your cheeks and near cheekbones

Facial fat injections produce a natural appearance and require very little downtime. As a result, it’s simple to understand why men in San Francisco ask for facial fat injections on a fairly regular basis.

How to Prepare for Facial Fat Injections

Believe it or not, almost no preparation is needed for patients who are about to get a facial fat injection treatment. Dr. Steinbrech only asks is that male patients avoid smoking for the weeks coming up to the procedure. (Smoking afterwards might not be wise, either.)

What to Expect from Facial Fat Injections

The majority of male patients getting injections in San Francisco should expect to see immediate results from their facial fat injections. However, there’s a caveat here. The enhancements you got might appear more exaggerated than your final result due to swelling post-treatment. The overdone look many men will notice immediately after treatment is temporary. This is because the amount of fat that will be injected has to be greater than the amount that you want to have added to your face. A certain percentage of fat is naturally reabsorbed into the body during the fat injection process. Extra fat injections will be required to give you for the right amount of volume. You won’t be able to see what facial fat injections can offer you until you consult with a board-certified surgeon. Photos and articles can only do so much. If you want additional information on facial fat injections in San Francisco, please call us or visit Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to book a simple, no-obligation consultation.



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