Facial Fat Injections for Men in Chicago

Men in Chicago know that aging isn’t very fun. Aging makes faces look hollow, sickly, and at times, even decrepit. No one wants to look old, and that’s why guys who want to look younger need to consider choosing Dr. Steinbrech’s facial fat injections. With fat injections, men add natural fullness throughout their face and body. The fat that is used is collected from the patient’s own body. As a result, men who have this procedure look younger and have almost no chance of rejection. When added to the face, fat injections can give men their youth back.

Fat cells Can Add Fullness:

  • In your lips
  • Under your eyes
  • In your cheeks
  • Near your cheekbones

Facial fat injections produce a natural result and require little downtime. As a result, it’s easy to understand why men in Chicago ask for facial fat injections.

How to Prepare for Facial Fat Injections

Worried about a heavily involved procedure? Little preparation is needed for men who are about to undergo a facial fat transfer. The only thing that Dr. Steinbrech really asks is that you avoid smoking for the weeks coming up to the procedure.

What to Expect from Facial Fat Injections

Male patients in Chicago will see immediate results from facial fat injections. However, the enhancements might appear greater than your final result due to swelling immediately after the injections have been done. The exaggerated look is because the amount of fat that will be injected into the needs has to be greater than the amount that you want to have remained. Fat is naturally absorbed into the body, which means that extra fat injections will be required to give you for the right amount of volume. It’s often hard to understand what fat injections can offer men until you sit down with a board-certified surgeon. Once your fat injection consultation with Dr. Steinbrech has come to a close, you will have a better understanding of your projected results. If you want information on facial fat injections in Chicago, please call us or visit Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to book a no-obligation consultation.



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