Facial Fat Injections for Men in Chicago

Facial Fat Injections for Men in Chicago

Men in Chicago don’t like the way that aging can affect one’s face. Aging tends to wear out the thinner layers of fatty tissue on one’s face, which in turn causes a hollow, sagging look. Dr. Steinbrech’s facial fat injections can help you regain a more youthful appearance by replacing the fat you lost. With fat injections, men get to add natural fullness throughout their face and body. With facial fat injections, men can expect a big difference in the way their face looks. The fat tissue that is used is collected from the patient’s own body. As a result, men who have this procedure look younger, don’t need to be tested, and have almost no chance of rejection.

Fat Injections Can Add Fullness:

  • In your lips
  • Under your eyes
  • In your cheeks
  • In wrinkles that are exacerbated by fat

You can use facial fat injections for a plethora of different issues, all while producing a natural result, and requiring little downtime. As a result, it’s easy to understand why men in Fort Lauderdale ask for facial fat injections.

What to Expect from Facial Fat Injections

Male patients in Chicago will see immediate results from facial fat injections and will require almost no preparation for it. (We only ask that you don’t smoke in the days leading up to the procedure.) However, Dr. Steinbrech wants to point out that the enhancements might appear greater than your final result due to swelling.

Some male patients might feel like their features are exaggerated. The exaggerated appearance initially happens because the amount of fatty tissue that will be injected has to be slightly greater than the amount that you want to have. A portion of this fat gets naturally reabsorbed into your body, which means that your appearance will smooth out within a couple of days. It’s often hard to fully grasp what fat injections can offer you until you sit down with a board-certified surgeon. After your fat injection consultation with Dr. Steinbrech has come to a close, most men realize that fat injection is right for them. If you want to learn more about facial fat injections for men in Chicago, call our office today.



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