Facelifts for Men LA

Every man, no matter how well he takes care of his body, will end up getting wrinkles. Thankfully, Dr. Steinbrech makes it possible to delay the look of aging via highly effective facelifts. His facelifts for men have helped hundreds of patients feel younger, look more attractive, and appear more rested. Male patients who seek out a way to look 10, 15, or even 20 years younger need to consider a facelift. This procedure removes excess skin, gets rid of fatty tissue, and also tightens the underlying muscle structure for a more rested appearance.

Are Facelifts for Men Right for You?

Dr. Steinbrech consults with each patient he has to ensure that the men who get facelifts enjoy their results. The ideal candidate for a male facelift is someone who:

  • Is in overall decent health
  • Doesn’t smoke
  • Is realistic about what a facelift can and cannot achieve
  • Wants to correct problems that are known to work well with facelifts
  • Still has elasticity in their skin

What Do Facelifts Correct?

Depending on the kind of facelift that is performed, a facelift can easily treat issues such as:

  • Drooping eyelids, puffy eyes
  • “Turkey necks” and double chins
  • Jowls and midface drooping
  • Deep creases between the nose and the corners of the mouth
  • Forehead wrinkles

Basically, most of the signs of aging you will see can be ameliorated with one kind of facelift or another.

How Are Facelifts Performed?

During your consultation, Dr. Steinbrech will analyze your face and determine what kind of facelift for men should be performed on you. There are three main techniques that surgeons use during facelifts: necklifts, full facelifts, and limited-incision facelifts.

Necklifts are ideal for men who want to get rid of a jowly appearance, and who are mostly concerned about signs of aging around the face and neck area. You can find out more about our necklift procedures on our dedicated page for them. Traditional Facelifts are also known as “full facelifts” and tend to be the most invasive of all the options out there. This offers a full rejuvenation of your face, but will require several incisions. This treatment can include getting rid of excess fat and skin, re-draping your skin, lifting your muscles, and doing an overall “tightening” to keep things looking youthful. Incisions for this procedure begins at the temples, then will extend to the front of the ear, then arc all the way back to your scalp. Limited-Incision Facelifts are done when patients want to focus rejuvenation around their eyes and mouth. This treatment fights deep creasing and has incisions that start near the ears and eyelids. Some patients may also have incisions made around the upper lip. All incisions are closed with stitches or glue after the procedure is done.

Recovering After Facelifts for Men

A facelift is a very serious surgery and will require a decent amount of downtime. Dr. Steinberg wants all potential clients to know the following tips:

  • You may need drainage tubes to get rid of excess fluid post-procedure. These only last a day.
  • Bandages will be administered and removed by your doctor. You will remain bandaged for about five to seven days, at most.
  • Due to uneven healing times, your face may appear stiff or distorted for the first three to six weeks.
  • Side effects like bleeding, bruising, and swelling are normal and will subside.
  • Results can be seen within two to three months.

Learn About Facelifts for Men

If you feel you are ready to pursue a facelift, talking to the right doctor can make all the difference. Call Dr. Steinbrech to set up an appointment today.



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