Facelifts for Men in West Palm Beach

Facelifts for Men in West Palm Beach

Facelifts aren’t just for A-listers anymore. These days, facelifts for men in West Palm Beach are more common than ever. That’s why Dr. Steinbrech’s office has become known for being the place to go when men want to look young as ever. Rhytidectomies, as they’re medically known, get rid of signs of aging by tightening up underlying muscles, removing excess fat, and trimming of excess skin. A well-done rhytidectomy can help men look younger, more well-rested, and healthier than before.

Why Dr. Steinbrech Offers Facelifts for Men in West Palm Beach

Men often need to get a facelift just to help them keep up with the world work – or even just keep up with their wives’ looks. Most men want to stay young, so it’s totally understandable that Dr. Steinbrech would want to help them.

A Man’s Facelift Corrects…

  • Heavy jowls and typical midface sagging
  • “Turkey neck” sagging and double chins
  • Heavy creasing between the nose and mouth
  • Deep undereye creases and wrinkles
  • Excessive loose skin from weight loss

Male patients looking to drastically reduce their signs of aging can also combine their facelift with a brow lift, implants, or eyelid correction surgery. Dr. Steinbrech will help you determine which combination is ideal for you.

Is A Facelift Surgery a Good Choice For Me?

  • Getting a facelift isn’t a realistic option for every man in West Palm Beach. Certain standards need to be met. The ideal male candidates for a facelift are the ones who:
  • Have skin that has begun to sag, but still has a decent amount of elasticity
  • Are men who want to reduce the signs of aging, but are realistic about expectations
  • Are healthy non-smokers

Dr. Steinbrech will consult with you to decide whether you’re one of the top candidates for facelifts for men in West Palm Beach.

How Dr. Steinbrech Does Facelifts

A typical facelift takes two hours, and patients might have a choice between general anesthesia or IV sedation. Your doctor will explain sedation with you during your consultation, and help you select the right method for you. There are different methods to facelifts, each of which has different perks. Three common techniques Dr. Steinbrech utilizes are:

Full facelift: This is also known as a “traditional facelift” and is a full facial rejuvenation. A full facelift will typically involve fat sculpting, re-positioning deeper tissues, and excess fat removal. With a full facelift, an incision is done near your temple and it travels down to the front of the ear. The incision will then arc around your earlobe, down to your lower scalp region. Based on certain surgical factors, you may also need a second incision right underneath your chin. Limited-incision facelift: Male patients that who want to focus on their eyes and mouth will often have this procedure. To do this kind of facelift, small incisions get made near your temples and at the back of your ears. Dr. Steinbrech might also need to create incisions by your lower eyelids and near your upper lip to fully rejuvenate these areas.

Necklift:  This rhytidectomy focuses on the removal of loose skin and fat around the neck, chin, and jowls. With a neck lift, your incision will be located near the back of your earlobe and will extend behind your ear, ending near your lower scalp. In all procedures, Dr. Steinbrech will seal your incisions with stitches or using tissue glue. Scarring is very subtle and done in obscure areas.

What Can I Expect During My Facelift Recovery?

After your facelift is done, Dr.Steinbrech will cover your incisions in bandages to help improve healing and reduce swelling. Depending on your recovery and surgical technique, Dr. Steinbrech may also have to add drainage tubes in affected parts of your face. 24 hours after your procedure, the drainage tubes (if you needed them) will be removed and the staff will carefully wash your hair. In rare situations, surgical clips might be used to keep your incisions closed. In this event, your clips will be taken approximately a week after the procedure.

Side Effects

It is very common for male facelift patients to experience some side effects. These can include the following issues, most of which dissipate after three to six weeks:

  • Redness and itchiness
  • Swelling, bruising, mild bleeding
  • A feeling of numbness or stiffness around the face and neck
  • Slightly uneven appearance
  • Loss of sensation on the face

Men may need to be reminded to shave their necks and behind their ears, as skin that grows beards could end up in these areas. Ask About Facelifts for Men in West Palm Beach your facelift will be a unique experience, and that means you need to find a custom solution for your care. Call Dr. Steinbrech for a no-obligation consultation, and you will be able to get the care you need while you turn back the clock.



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