Facelifts for Men in San Francisco

Facelifts for Men in San Francisco

Rhytidectomy, also known as facelifts, quickly improve the most obvious signs of aging by tightening underlying muscles and rejuvenate faces by removing excess fat. The well-rested looks they offer make facelifts for men in San Francisco a great way to reverse aging.

Why Dr. Steinbrech Offers Facelifts for Men in San Francisco

Facelifts are known for correcting many of the most common signs of aging. Men often will get facelifts to help keep up in the workforce or to look more attractive.

Facelifts for Men Can Correct…

  • Jowls, neck, and midface sagging
  • Deep creases between your nose and mouth
  • Deep undereye creasing
  • Excessive loose skin and extra facial fat

Facelifts are a cost-effective way to pair anti-aging procedures. Male patients looking to reduce signs of aging in their face can combine their facelift surgery with a brow lift, facial implants, or eyelid surgery. Dr. Steinbrech makes a point to explain to all his male patients in San Francisco the best options to attain their desired results.

Is A Facelift Surgery Right For Me?

Getting a facelift isn’t an option for all men in San Francisco – even if they like the idea.

The ideal male candidates for a facelift are the ones who:

  • Want to improve signs of aging on their faces drastically
  • Have faces that started to sag, but still maintain a decent amount of elasticity in their skin
  • Are healthy
  • Are non-smokers
  • Are very realistic about expectations

Dr. Steinbrech will interview you to determine whether you’re one of the many candidates for facelifts for men in San Francisco.

How Dr. Steinbrech Does Facelifts

When done by Dr. Steinbrech, the facelift procedure takes around two hours and may have a choice of general anesthesia or IV sedation. Your doctor will explain the details of your facelift with you as part of your initial consult. Your facelift technique will vary depending on your current facial structure, age, and the results you want from the procedure. Three of the most common techniques Dr. Steinbrech uses include:

Traditional facelift: This is known as a “full facelift” and rejuvenates your face and neck. A full facelift includes fat sculpting, lifting or re-positioning of deeper tissues, as well as excess fat removal. For this technique, an incision is created near your temple, which travels down to the front of your ears. The incision then stretches around your earlobe, all the way to your lower scalp. Depending on certain factors, you will need a second incision under your chin. Limited-incision facelift: Male patients that are looking for limited rejuvenation focused around their eyes and mouth will have this procedure. For a limited-incision facelift, small incisions will be created near your temples and behind your ears. In certain cases, Dr. Steinbrech may also make incisions by your lower eyelids and near the upper lip.

Necklift:  This facelift for works by getting rid of loose skin and fat around the neck, jowls and under a man’s chin. For this facelift technique, your incision will be done near the back of your earlobe and will go behind your ear, towards your lower scalp. Dr. Steinbrech will seal your incisions with stitches or closed using tissue glue. Scarring is minimal and done in very obscure areas.

What Can I Expect During My Facelift Recovery?

Following your rhytidectomy, your doctor will wrap your incisions in bandages to help facilitate healing. Dr. Steinbrech may also need to add drainage tubes in the affected areas. The day after surgery, your drainage tubes (if you have them) will be removed and staff will gently wash your hair. You may need surgical clips to help keep your incisions closed. Should this happen, your clips will be removed approximately seven days after the surgery.

Side Effects

Male facelift patients need to expect to experience some swelling, mild bruising, and a feeling of stiffness around their faces and necks following surgery. A patient’s face could look slightly uneven or distorted during this time, simply because different facial features can heal at different rates. Thankfully, these symptoms fade within 3-6 weeks.  San Francisco men who undergo facelifts may notice a little numbness or sensation loss around their face. They may also notice redness and itchiness. These issues fade significantly as the months pass. Long term, the hardest thing for men to remember is to shave their necks and ears, since skin that grows beards may be moved to these areas.

Ask About Facelifts for Men in San Francisco

To find out more information about facelifts or to start your own facelift journey, call Dr. Steinbrech’s office or stop by for a no-obligation consultation with a leading board-certified surgeon.


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