Facelifts for Men in Fort Lauderdale

Facelifts for Men in Fort Lauderdale

Are you noticing a lot of midfaces sagging? Perhaps, you’re beginning to notice a double chin or other similar signs of aging creep up? If so, you might want to look into doctors’ offices offering facelifts for men in Fort Lauderdale.

Rhytidectomy, also known as facelifts, immediately improve the obvious signs of aging by tightening underlying muscles, getting rid of excess fat, and also getting rid of extra skin. This can give men a rested, more youthful face.

Why Dr. Steinbrech Offers Facelifts for Men in Fort Lauderdale

Facelifts are so versatile because they correct so many issues men struggle with.

Facelifts for Men Can Correct…

  • Jowls and midface sagging
  • Deep wrinkles between your nose and mouth
  • Deep undereye creasing or excessive puffiness
  • Wrinkles, loose skin, and excess facial fat
  • Double Up Your Facelift

Anti-aging procedures are more cost-effective and offer better results when paired with a facelift. Male patients can combine their facelift surgery with a brow lift, chin implants, or eyelid surgery to help produce a better look. Dr. Steinbrech works with all his male patients in Fort Lauderdale to help attain their dream results.

Is A Facelift Surgery Right For Me?

Plastic surgery isn’t an option for all the men in Fort Lauderdale; some just wouldn’t get good results, for one reason or another. Dr. Steinbrech works with patients that are great candidates for facelifts, primarily because they will see the best effects.

The top male candidates for a facelift are the ones who:

  • Have a desire improve the signs of aging on their faces associated with facelifts
  • Still, maintain elasticity in their skin
  • Are overall healthy
  • Are non-smokers, or will be willing to stop smoking for at least a month prior to surgery
  • Are realistic about their expectations

Dr. Steinbrech will interview you to determine if you are a candidate for facelifts for men in Fort Lauderdale.

How Dr. Steinbrech Performs Facelifts

In a typical situation, getting a facelift takes two hours. Male patients can have a choice of general anesthesia or IV sedation, depending on the method used. Dr. Steinbrech will explain the more intimate details of your facelift with you as part of your initial consult. Your facelift technique will vary depending on your current facial structure, age, and the results you want from the procedure. Three of the most common techniques Dr. Steinbrech uses include:

Traditional facelift: Most people outside of a plastic surgeon’s office call this a “full facelift.” A full facelift involves fat sculpting, lifting, repositioning of deeper tissues, removing away additional skin, as well as excess fat removal. It’s very effective, but also requires the most incisions. To do all this, an incision is done near your temple, and it travels down to the front of your earlobes. Then, your incision arcs around your earlobe, down to the lower scalp. In some cases, an additional incision will need to be made around your chin.

Limited-incision facelift: Male patients interested in care around their eyes and mouth will probably have this procedure. For this type of facelift, small incisions get made near your temples and right behind your ears. In some cases, Dr. Steinbrech might also need to make incisions by the lower eyelids and near the upper lip.

Necklift:  This facelift for men works by removing excess tissue around the neck, midface jowls and under the chin. Following that, the underlying muscles are tightened up. For this technique, the incision will be made right near the back of your earlobe and will go behind the ear, towards your lower scalp.

Dr. Steinbrech closes incisions by using either stitches or using tissue glue. Scarring is minimal.

What Can I Expect During My Facelift Recovery?

After your facelift, Dr. Steinbrech will carefully wrap your incisions in bandages, and may also add drainage tubes in some affected areas. The day after surgery, the drainage tubes (if you need them) will get removed. After this, the staff will gently wash your hair.

With some kinds of procedures, patients may need surgical clips to keep their facelift incisions closed. If you get surgical clips; they will get professionally removed seven days after your surgery.

Side Effects

Male facelift patients will experience swelling, mild to moderate bruising, and a feeling of stiffness after surgery. Due to varying healing rates, your face may also look uneven or distorted for a short period. For the most part, these side effects fade within 3-6 weeks. Fort Lauderdale men who have facelifts also typically notice post-surgery numbness, redness, itchiness, or sensation loss. These side effects will fade as the months pass. After your surgery, men will need to remember is to shave their ears and necks, since some skin that grows beards could be moved to these regions during the facelift.

Ask About Facelifts for Men in Fort Lauderdale

To learn more about facelifts or start your own facelift journey, call Dr. Steinbrech’s office. We offer no-obligation consultations.

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