Facelifts for Men in Chicago

Facelifts for Men in Chicago

facelifts for men

As men age, they tend to lose contours in their face and neck regions. One of the most popular procedures Dr. Steinbrech offers at his Chicago practice is facelifts for men. Considered by many as the gold standard in facial rejuvenation, a facelift focuses on reducing concerns such as fold lines, sagging skin, and drooping brows that occur with age.

What Is a Facelift?

Rhytidectomies, also known as facelifts, quickly improve the most obvious signs of aging by tightening underlying muscles, getting rid of excess fat, as well as giving male patients a facial rejuvenation. A male facelift will target problem areas including loose skin, deep lines or facial scars.

Benefits of a Facelift for Men

Men in Chicago who want to appear youthful and boost their confidence should consider facelift surgery. A facelift can correct:

  • Midface sagging
  • Jowls and neck drooping
  • Deep creases between the nose and mouth
  • Heavy under eye creasing
  • Facial fat sagging
  • Excessive loose skin

Want to add even more “oomph” to your look? Male patients looking to reduce signs of aging in their face can combine their facelift surgery with a brow lift, facial implants, or eyelid surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Steinbrech makes a point to explain to all his male patients in Chicago the best options to attain their desired results.

men facelifts before & after

How Is a Facelift Performed?

In most cases, male patients may have a choice of general anesthesia or IV sedation. When done by Dr. Steinbrech, the facelift procedure takes around 2 hours. The facelift itself will vary depending on the surgeon, your current condition, and the results you desire from the procedure.

Traditional facelift

Commonly known as a “full” facelift, this treatment rejuvenates your face as well as your neck. It includes fat sculpting, skin trims, re-draping, and the lifting or repositioning of deeper tissues. For this, an incision is made at your temples, which travels down to the front of your ears. The cut then extends around your earlobe to your lower scalp. Sometimes, there will need for another incision right under the chin.

Limited-incision facelift

Men looking for limited rejuvenation focused around the eyes and mouth will likely have this process. In this, small incisions will be created by your temples and behind your ears. You may also require incisions by the lower eyelids and under the upper lip, depending on how aged your skin may be.

Neck lift

Looking jowly? This specialized kind of facelift for men focuses on removing loose skin and fat around the neck, jowls, and chin. With this technique, your incision will be done near the back of your earlobe and extends behind the ear to your lower scalp. With all types of facelifts, your incisions will be sealed with stitches or closed using tissue glue. The scar points are always placed to be as hidden away as possible.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Dr. Steinbrech notes that not all men debating a facelift in Chicago should undergo surgery. To see the best results and highest satisfaction, male candidates should:

  • Be in generally healthy non-smokers
  • Be realistic about expectations
  • Have a desire to improve signs of aging on their faces
  • Have a face that’s started to sag, but still maintains a decent amount of elasticity

Before you get a facelift, Dr. Steinbrech will talk to you to determine whether you’re one of the better candidates for facelifts for men in Chicago.


Following your Rhytidectomy, Dr. Steinbrech will wrap the closed incisions in bandages and may also place drainage tubes in the area. The day after, your drainage tubes will be removed and your hair will be washed. While rare, you may need surgical clips to keep incisions closed. In this case, clips will be removed around one week after the surgery.

Post-surgery male patients typically experience swelling, mild bruising, and a feeling of stiffness around the face and neck. Due to uneven healing times, a patient’s face may look slightly uneven or distorted for the first weeks. Thankfully, all these symptoms usually fade within 3-6 weeks.  In many facelift surgeries, men may notice a little numbness or sensation loss. This usually returns to normal within a few months.

Like with any procedure, scarring reduces in redness and itchiness as the month’s pass. Male facelift patients might also need to remember to shave behind their neck and ears since these are areas where the beard-growing skin will be moved. Most facelift patients will be able to return to work within weeks.


Men in Chicago, if you are ready to rewind your signs of aging, then a facelift procedure might be for you. please contact Dr. Steinbrech’s office here or call (847)416-8384 for a consultation today. Dr. Steinbrech is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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