Facelifts for Men NYC

Looking into facelifts for men is becoming increasingly common throughout the world. A facelift, known medically as a rhytidectomy, offers men the ability to turn back the clock and look as much as 15 years younger. Men who want to look great in the boardroom, or keep up with a partner need to consider getting a facelift. Almost all facial issues dealing with aging can be improved with the right facelift.

What Facelifts Do

Facelifts for men offer the ability to look younger. All facelift procedures work by getting rid of excess skin, tightening up underlying muscle structure, and removing extra fat that may add to the aging issue. In most cases, Dr. Steinbrech will also re-drape, lift, and move around skin to help produce a more natural result.

Facelifts can improve:

Wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead

  • Jowls or facial sagging
  • Double chins
  • Excess loose skin

How Facelifts Are Performed

The way Dr. Steinbrech performs his facelifts for men who come to him will vary greatly depending on the patient’s age, focus points, and skin quality. Each facelift will involve removing excess tissue, re-draping, and tightening underlying muscles. However, there are subtle differences in each type.

Dr. Steinbrech mainly focuses on three different facelift types:

Traditional Facelifts, which are the most invasive and involved. These have incisions that start at the temples, drop to the ears, and finally run behind the scalp. Dr. Steinbrech may also need to make additional incisions to get the fully rejuvenating effect going. This technique will involve a lot of redraping, lifting, and working around the skin.

Limited-Incision Facelifts, which focus on the eyes and mouth. As the name suggests, these are far less invasive than a traditional facelift. This will have sutures near the temples near your ear, as well as incisions near your eyes and mouth.

Necklifts, which focus on the midface, neck, and chin areas. This will have incisions made behind the ears, that arc to the back of your scalp. This tends to be the best option for jowls and double chins. In some people, an additional incision will be made in the chin. (You can learn more about necklifts on our page dedicated to it.

Facelift Recovery

After your rhytidectomy, Dr. Steinbrech will bandage you and will place drainage tubes in the area. You will have the tubes removed after a day, around the same time your hair will get washed. If you have surgical clips, they will be removed a week after surgery.

Downtime is crucial when dealing with facelifts for men. Your face might look uneven and distorted for the first couple of weeks, and you may feel some soreness and stiffness. At least three weeks of downtime will be required before you can go back to work. After six weeks, you will have almost no side effects from the surgery and will be able to resume your daily life in full.

Want to Learn About Facelifts for Men?

Dr. Steinbrech specializes in offering customized care when talking about facelifts for men. Call his office to set up your no-hassle consultation today.



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