Facelift for Men in Miami

Facelift for Men in Miami

Your face is the first place where aging will be noticed, and that’s precisely why one of the most popular procedures we offer are facelifts for men in Miami. Rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift, can quickly improve the most obvious signs of aging by, tightening underlying muscles, removing excess fat, as well as offering a general rejuvenation of the face.

Why Get a Facelift?

Men in Miami who wish to appear younger and boost their confidence should consider a facelift

surgery. People often seek a facelift to stay competitive in the workforce, to feel a boost in self-confidence, or to just look good for their spouse who may regularly receive anti-aging treatments.

Facelifts for Men Can Correct:

  • Heavy undereye creasing
  • Midface sagging
  • Deep creasing between your nose and mouth
  • Jowls
  • Facial fat sagging
  • Excessive loose skin

Looking for a more drastic change? Male patients seeking to reduce signs of aging in their brows, eyelids, or midface area can choose to combine their facelift surgery with a brow lift and/or eyelid surgery.

Furthermore, facial implants, injectables, or skin resurfacing can be used to enhance the already-great results of a facelift procedure.

During a consultation, Dr. Steinbrech offers all of his male patients in Miami the smartest options

tailored to their desired results.

Is A Facelift Surgery Right For Me?

Dr. Steinbrech notes that not all people who are considering getting a facelift for men in Miami should get a facelift. Some will fare better than others.

The ideal male candidates for a facelift are the one who:

  • Want to improve the signs of aging
  • Are men whose faces have started to sag, but still have some elasticity in their skin
  • Are overall healthy
  • Don’t smoke
  • Are realistic about expectations

Before you get a facelift, Dr. Steinbrech will consult to ensure that you are one of the better candidates for facelifts for men in Miami.

How is a Facelift Performed?

Much of how a facelift is performed will be explained to you by Dr. Steinbrech during a consultation. That being said, male patients may have a choice of general anesthesia or IV sedation. The surgical procedure takes about two hours.

The procedure itself will differ depending on the surgeon, your current facial structure, and the result you want.

Three of the most common techniques include:

-Traditional facelift: This is known as a “full” facelift that rejuvenates your face and neck. It will

include fat sculpting, skin trimming, lifting or re-positioning of deeper tissues, and re-draping.

For this, your incision starts at your temples then travels down to the front of your ear. It then

extends around your earlobe, all the way behind your ear to your lower scalp. Sometimes, there

will be another incision under the chin.

-Limited-incision facelift: If you’re looking for limited rejuvenation focused around the eyes and

mouth, this is what you’ll likely have. Short incisions will be made at your temples and around

your ears. You may also get incisions in the lower eyelids and under your top lip, depending on


-Neck lift: Looking jowly? This type of facelift for men concentrates on removing loose skin on

the neck, jowls and fat under the chin. For this, your incision will be done around your earlobe

and will extend behind the ear to your lower scalp.

Regardless of which method you choose, your incisions will be closed with stitches or tissue glue. Scars are always placed to be as obscure as possible.

What Can I Expect During My Facelift Recovery?

After your rhytidectomy, Dr. Steinbrech will wrap the closed incisions in bandages. He may also place drainage tubes in the area, which will be taken out the next day. The day after, your hair will be carefully washed. In some cases, you may have surgical clips that keep incisions closed. If that’s the case, the clips will be removed around one week after the surgery – along with your stitches.

When they first start recovery, male patients may experience swelling, slight numbness, mild bruising, and a feeling of tension around the face and neck. Due to uneven healing paces, your face may look slightly uneven or distorted. Your facial muscles might also feel stiff. Thankfully, all these symptoms usually fade within 3-6 weeks.

Most Miami men will also notice a little numbness. Sensation usually returns to normal within a few months. Like with any procedure, scarring reduces redness and itchiness as the month’s pass.

Please be gentle with your skin and your hair while you recover. Male facelift patients might also need to remember to shave behind their neck and ears, where areas of beard-growing skin have been moved. Most Miami facelift patients will go back to work in three weeks.



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