Every Man Is Different. So, Why Is Your Surgeon Treating You The Same?

2 Dec 2018

Every Man Is Different. So, Why Is Your Surgeon Treating You The Same?

As The Godfather of Male Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steinbrech has seen a lot of patients who have come to him in desperation. They have gone to other male plastic surgeons in hopes of having a doctor who understood them, who acknowledged their own unique ideal body type, and who was able to grasp the kind of body they wanted. Without fail, they have come to our office because they couldn’t get a doctor who understood them.

Too often, plastic surgeons all seem to assume that every man wants to look like Vin Diesel, or like a male model. They don’t seem to understand that sometimes, it’s not about looking like a Hollywood headliner. Sometimes, it’s just about being a more handsome CEO or just being an average Joe who wants to regain his youth.

Dr. Steinbrech has noticed that most men have a particular “type” of body they see as ideal. Ever wonder what kind of body you like? Here are the ones Dr. Steinbrech sees the most common…

  • The Bodybuilder. Professional bodybuilders adore looking jacked, stacked, and chiseled. For men who love this look, bigger bodies are better and adding definition is the key to looking great. Facial features tend to be masculine, and so are the body types.
  • The Male Model. Male models are huge fans of having a “pretty face” and a slender, toned body. They want to be runway-ready, and will often look to reverse signs of aging as soon as they notice them.
  • The Dad Athlete. Dad bods might be in for right now, but that doesn’t mean most dads are okay with their appearances. Most men who are dads tend to let go of their peak physique. These clients want to have a more muscular look…and maybe just a bit more youthfulness in their facial features.
  • The Biggest Winner. Men who have been busy losing weight are often proud of their efforts, but have a lot of excess skin. These clients are the ones who require liposuction, excess skin removal, and body lifts.
  • The CEO. A good look in the board room is often what seals the deal—and CEOs know this very well. These clients are looking for treatments that will enhance their leadership-inspiring features, masculine jawlines, and healthy appearances.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what type of man you are, or what your cosmetic goals are. What matters is that you find a plastic surgeon who can cater to them and understand where you’re coming from.

At the office of Dr. Steinbrech, you’re never “just another male client.” You are you. And we respect your wishes and work with you to understand the goals you want to have. Call us for a consultation, and get the care you deserve.


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