Does Your Finances Discourage Plastic Surgery? Discover the Payment Options Available to You

31 May 2018

Does Your Finances Discourage Plastic Surgery? Discover the Payment Options Available to You

Nowadays, people are getting increasingly open about plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The once gradually advancing industry has gone by leaps and bounds ahead in terms of capability and technology. With the help of state of the art tech, procedures are getting easier and faster to conduct. This evolution has afforded the general population a variety of options to improve their appearance. This also includes non-surgical and non-invasive surgeries.

As the acceptance for cosmetic surgeries and other related procedures continue to grow, there are a large number of individuals that want to improve certain parts of their bodies. However, not every has the ability to finance them, despite the fact that such surgeries have become increasingly cost efficient over the years.

So if you are seriously considering a particular procedure, here are some finance options available to you if you’ve arrived at Men’s Plastic Surgery, Manhattan. Along with this, we are also going discuss some of the general finance options available.

Medical Credit Cards

Among the traditional payment methods, MasterCard and VISA, this practitioner also offers two credit solutions to patients that are financially challenged.


Find a wide variety of payment options through ALPHAEON to achieve your beauty, individual wellness and performance goals. If you are strapped for funds to pay for your procedure, you can still move forward with this provider, as it is offering unique financing options not offered by traditional credit cards.

Receive the treatment prescribed, with flexible repayment to match your lifestyle.


It is essentially a credit card that specifically caters to healthcare. CareCredit is accepted nationwide at about 175,000 medical practitioners. The terms of this service provider are designed around helping patients finance their medical bills, as and when the need arises for health, general wellness and beauty needs.

CareCredit is described by customers as helpful, convenient, flexible, and straightforward. Use it as soon as a medical emergency arises, as it is like using your very own dedicated wellness and health credit line. The financing options available here make costly treatments and procedures more manageable, taking into account your affordability and lifestyle.
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