Chin Augmentation for Men in West Palm Beach

Mentoplasty is medically known as chin augmentation. Getting a chin augmentation an increasingly popular option for men in West Palm Beach looking for a better, more manly chin. With chin augmentation, your doctor reshapes the chin by adding an implant or by decreasing the chin bone’s size. Globally-renowned Dr. Steinbrech is a board-certified plastic surgeon that offers chin augmentation in West Palm Beach, and he can help you get a better jawline.

Why Get Chin Augmentation?

A man’s jawline is crucial to helping his face appear proportional, masculine, and strong. A weak jawline exaggerates a man’s nose, cheekbones, or makes him look effeminate. By having an augmented jaw, men in West Palm Beach get a more proportional, masculine visage.

Is Chin Augmentation in West Palm Beach Right for You?

Male candidates for chin augmentation in West Palm Beach need to be in generally good health. They also need to be realistic about how jawline augmentation will appear.

How is Chin Augmentation Done?

Chin implants are made from a medical-grade material that feels and acts just like bone. Chin implants come in a wide range and need to be custom-selected for each patient. This means that choosing to receive chin augmentation for men in West Palm Beach, or anywhere else, is never a uniform procedure. The implant you get will be determined by the kind of result you want. You will get to talk to Dr. Steinbrech while you choose the implant that’s right for your desired outcome. The procedure takes 30 minutes from start to finish. Local anesthesia is typically used in Dr. Steinbrech’s West Palm Beach office. In some cases, both chin implants and jawline augmentation are done in the same sitting. When adding chin implants, Dr. Steinbrech makes a small incision under the chin, adds the implant and then closes the incision. During jawline augmentation, a small incision is added in  the back of your mouth. (The incision point is found near the third molars.) After the incision is made, Dr. Steinbrech puts your implant inside and closes it up.

Chin Augmentation: What To Expect Post-Surgery

Men who get chin augmentation will typically experience some mild swelling post-procedure, with it peaking around 48 hours after surgery. Though most swelling drops off after two days, subtler swelling can continue for months. As a result, it can take up to three months for men to fully see their results. Most male patients in West Palm Beach are available to return to work after a week, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for ten days. Dr. Steinbrech will require male patients to follow certain restrictions to diet and will also advise on dental care.

Find Out More Information

A chin implant is a great way to dramatically change your face. If you are looking for offices that deliver chin augmentation for men in West Palm Beach, call Dr. Steinbrech’s offices for a no-obligation consultation.


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