Chin and Jawline Augmentation for Men NYC

A weak jawline is one of the worst things that a man can be born with. Weak jawlines make men look effeminate, exaggerate facial features, and also has been known to make men less attractive to the opposite sex. Unlike other body issues, diet and exercise cannot improve a weak chin or a poor jawline.

To get this corrected, you can get chin and jawline augmentation for men. Dr. Steinbrech is one of the top plastic surgeons to offer this unique fix, and has helped countless men regain confidence in themselves.

How Is A Chin or Jawline Augmentation Performed?

Chin and jawline augmentations both use silicone implants that feel like a bone to get results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Steinbrech will help you select the implants that will best suit your face and the goals you have for your appearance.

During a chin augmentation, a small incision is made beneath the chin – and then the implant is

inserted. When it comes to jawline augmentation, an incision is made close to your third molars. Then, the implant is added in. Both are often done at the same time, with surgery times ranging from 30 minutes to 80 minutes, depending on the situation. Local or general anesthesia can be used, also depending on what Dr. Steinbrech feels best suits your needs.

Chin and Jawline Augmentation Recovery

After your surgery, you will end up feeling sore and swollen. This is totally normal and will subside in a couple of days. A typical patient will be able to go back to work within days, but strenuous gym activity will need to be avoided for three weeks. Talk to Dr. Steinbrech About Chin and Jaw Augmentation. A weak jaw is no laughing matter, and Dr. Steinbrech understands that. To receive a no-obligation consultation, call him at his office to book your appointment.


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