Chest Implants for Men

25 Jun 2014

Chest Implants for Men

Most people will tell you that getting good pecs will require diet and exercise, but sometimes, our bodies just don’t want to work with us. When our bodies get stubborn, some plastic can definitely help – and that’s why male chest implants are becoming so popular.

Male pectoral implants, also known as pec implants for short, are a solution that allow you to have a more masculine and muscular chest – even when regular trips to the gym aren’t worikng. At the office of Dr. Steinbrech, we help men whose bodies have failed them get the looks that they deserve. More importantly, we make your pec implants look natural.

What to Expect 

Not all pec implants come in the same size and shape. During your consultation, you will discuss the many options to see which size and shape is best suited for your chest. The goal is to have a natural looking muscular chest. The pec implants are smooth and are designed to last a lifetime while keeping their natural look. When you consult, Dr. Steinbrech will allow you to see how each type of implant will look on your body.

You are the one who gets to choose the implant. As such, you should tell your doctor what you want to see as far as results go. Dr. Steinbrech will offer good advice you should take into consideration, and together, you will be able to figure out the best match when it comes to implants.

Once you decide on a pec implant, you will book a surgical procedure. It will be performed under general anesthesia in the surgeon’s office. During your surgery, a small incision will be made in the armpit area. The implants will be put through this incision into the chest area, and will be kept in place using your pectoralis muscle. You will then have the incision area sutured up.

After surgery, you’ll need to get a ride home from a friend. Most people will feel sore for a couple of days, and typically, people will be able to resume light activity within a week of surgery. However, regular activity can only be resumed after around six weeks of healing time.

Dr. Steinbrech will give you pain medication and instructions on how to care for yourself while you heal up. At a very minimum, you will have to stay hydrated and wear an elastic bandage until you’re ready to resume life. A follow-up visit will be booked within a couple of days to ensure everything went well.

The Afterwards

Once you are fully healed up, you’ll be able resume your exercise routine with a brand new boost of confidence. In the long run, you will look better and feel better. As your body ages, there may be a slight chance that you will have to get replacement implants. However, not everyone will have this issue.

No matter how you look at it, most patients agree that having pec implants changed their lives for the better. If you call our office, you can be one of the many who gets a better life through the magic of surgery, too.
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