Can You Be Too Old For Plastic Surgery?

20 Jan 2019

Can You Be Too Old For Plastic Surgery?

When men age, many different things happen. They will grow wrinkles, gain weight, get jowls, and also lose their hair. Some might get gynecomastia, while others may find themselves dealing with liver spots. Regardless of how aging presents itself, most men begin to yearn for the younger bodies they once had as they march on in years. It’s only natural; a youthful body is an enviable one.

Technology has progressed to the point that most of us have considered getting plastic surgery at least once or twice. Many men, missing their younger bodies, have started to turn to plastic surgery to regain a youthful appearance and feel like they are themselves once more. On average, people are around 35 to 50 years of age when the first start to travel their cosmetic surgery journey.

At our office, we hear a very common question posed to Dr. Steinbrech and his staff members. This question, of course, is whether one can be too old for plastic surgery. Truth be told, it’s not that easy to say yes or no.

The Elasticity Issue

The biggest problem with having plastic surgery as you age is skin elasticity. As you age, your skin uses the ability to bounce back. This leaves many forms of plastic surgery difficult to maintain and difficult to perform. When your skin elasticity fades, many forms of plastic surgery will likely be off-limits.

The “Natural Look”

Another issue people struggle with is the fact that many procedures stop looking natural after a certain age. There’s only so far fillers can go, and there’s also only so far that you can stretch your skin.

The Health Issue

In terms of sheer practicality, the biggest hurdle for aging plastic surgery fans is the health strain many highly invasive procedures pose. Going under the knife puts a huge strain on your cardiovascular system and your immune system. Healing from surgery, too, can be difficult for aging patients.

Studies have shown that people who are approaching retirement age are far more likely to suffer surgical complications than younger individuals. If you are concerned about the risks to your health, highly invasive and complex procedures should be taken off the table.

The Only Way To Know For Sure

Though it may seem like the news is grim, every single body is different. What may be doable at 50 for some might not be doable at 50 for others. What may be workable for an athletic 75 year old might not work well for a 75 year old in poor health. The best way to determine whether you’re too old for plastic is to book a consultation about the specific procedure you want to get with a talented professional who understands your body.
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