Calf Implants for Men in West Palm Beach

Calf Implants for Men in West Palm Beach

About Calf Implants Calf implants are created using a pliable, surgical-grade silicone material that mimics the feeling of human muscle. Implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can even be hand-carved. Every calf implant is personally chosen by Dr.Steinbrech during the initial consultation. The best calf implants for men in West Palm Beach will offer a fuller, more proportional lower leg without looking unnatural. Most male patients notice an overall more proportionate appearance following calf implants.

Before and After Photos of Calf Implants Patients from West Palm Beach

Are Calf Implants Right for You?

West Palm Beach men who want calf implants aren’t always capable of getting them. Patients in West Palm Beach who would be quality candidates for calf implants are:

  • Men who want to increase the size of their calves slightly
  • Individuals who want to have legs proportional to rest of their bodies
  • Men who are in good health and reached their maximum potential at the gym
  • Or, are people who want to correct leg deformities due to illness or injury

The Procedure

Prior to surgery, you choose the implants you receive. Dr. Steinbrech will give you an anesthetic, and then will make a small incision right behind the knee. The calf implant you chose will be inserted behind the fascia right underneath your skin. Your surgeon will then close the incision, finishing the operation. Fat transfers are also an option if you are not able to use silicone implants. In this situation, Dr. Steinbrech will collect your own body fat and then inject it into your calves to improve calf muscle volume. Though this procedure is more biocompatible, it will possibly require maintenance since fat can be burned away.

Benefits of Calf Implant Surgery

Receiving calf implants in West Palm Beach could be your best option if you have been trying to improve the look of your calf muscles at the gym but haven’t been seeing results. The benefits include more muscular legs and an overall more proportional appearance. Calf implants are permanent and have immediate results, while fat transfers are more temporary while still providing immediate results.


Calf implants are a relatively risky surgery, and patients are strongly encouraged to call a doctor the moment they notice any changes in their implants. Choosing the right surgeon can limit your risks. Some of the more common risks of calf implants can include:

  • Adverse reaction to medication and anesthesia
  • Heavy bleeding or bruising
  • Permanent damage and excessive
  • Infection
  • Implant rejection, skin tone changes, and discoloration
  • Damage to underlying musculature in your legs and/or nerve damage


Once your operation is complete, Dr. Steinbrech encourages you to begin walking with assistance as soon as possible. Most West Palm Beach patients can walk and drive comfortably within five days post-procedure. After three to four weeks, you can hit the gym once more – leg exercises included.


We strongly suggest candidates who are interesting in getting implants to call Dr. Steinbrech’s San Francisco offices. The sooner you get a consultation, the better off you’ll be.



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