Calf Implants for Men in San Francisco

Calf Implants For Men In San Francisco

Believe it or not, most men have a hard time growing their calf muscles despite putting in hours at the gym. For male patients who can’t seem to get the high definition and beefy muscle mass they desire, calf implants are a great option. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is proud to offer world-class calf implants for patients in the San Francisco area.

About Calf Implants

Calf implants are made of a soft medical-grade silicone that perfectly mimics the feel of real muscle. Each calf implant is personally chosen by Dr.Steinbrech, and is matched to fit the patient’s desired result during the consultation. The procedure itself is a quick process that makes a small incision right behind the knee where your implants will be inserted.

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Should You Consider Calf Implants?

Not all San Francisco men who desire calf implants should get them. The ideal male patients in San Francisco who are good candidates for calf implants are:

  • Men who want to bolster the size of their calf muscles on a subtle level
  • Want legs proportional to rest of their bodies
  • Have reached their maximum potential in the gym, but still are not satisfied
  • Or wish to correct leg defects resulting from illness or injury

The Procedure

You choose the implant you receive. Getting calf implants is a simple procedure compared to others. Dr. Steinbrech creates a small incision right behind the knee. The calf implant that you chose then gets inserted behind the muscle beneath your skin, close to the back muscles of the calves. Fat transfers are also an option. In this case, your surgeon will use your own fat to increase the size of your calf muscles. Though this procedure is more natural, it will possibly require maintenance.

Benefits of Calf Implant Surgery

Getting calf implant surgery is a great idea for many candidates. Your calves will look more proportional to your body. Calf implants in San Francisco can be used for reconstructive surgery as a well. If you are a man who hasn’t seen results in the gym calf implants in San Francisco could be your best option.


If you get calf implants, you will see immediate and permanent results. With fat transfers, results may be temporary. Either way, you will have to watch out for complications. As a precaution, all male patients are asked to schedule returns to Dr. Steinbrech’s office for evaluations in the event that they notice changes in their calf implants.


Calf implants are a relatively risky surgery. They should only be done by a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon you trust. Not choosing a qualified doctor will seriously increase risks associated with the surgery. Some of the more common risks of calf implants can include:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthetic and medication
  • Heavy bleeding and scarring
  • Permanent damage
  • Infection
  • Implant rejection
  • Damage to underlying musculature in your legs


Once your procedure is finished, you will feel your legs get sore. Dr. Steinbrech will encourage you to start walking with assistance as soon as you can. Typical San Francisco patients will be able to drive and walk within three to five days post-surgery. Within three to four weeks, the majority patients can return to regular gym workouts without worries.


Calf implants are a major surgery, and talking to a patient advisor at Dr. Steinbrech’s office can help you determine if you’re ready for this choice. Give us a call, and we can book a no-obligation consultation with you today.



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