Botox for Men: Should You Give It a Shot?

21 Feb 2014

Botox for Men: Should You Give It a Shot?

botox-for-men-NYLast year alone, over 250,000 different Botox procedures have been performed on men. The main reason why is simple: Botox reduces facial lines and wrinkles by blocking nerve impulses.

However, that’s not the only reason why men are choosing to get Botox. Botox is also a known treatment for hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as excessive sweating.

It’s understandable why men want to have hyperhidrosis treated. When you’re in the boardroom and trying to give a speech, having a condition like hyperhidrosis can make you look nervous and inept, even when you’re not. On a date? Well, let’s just say that women really aren’t into body odor.

It’s clear that Botox isn’t just for the ladies. There are plenty of good reason why men should consider Botox for themselves. Those who have had given it a shot find that they look better and feel better.

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