Sculpting Procedures that Help You Bulk Up

8 Mar 2016

Sculpting Procedures that Help You Bulk Up


Sometimes bodybuilding, dieting and working out is not enough. You might need a little cosmetic help. Whether you are a bodybuilder who is competitive or a man who wants more definition, there are procedures that can help.

Commonly requested procedures include high-definition lipo-sculpting, high-definition pec and gluteal enhancement.


Most of the time, lipo is your best option if you want the ultimate bodybuilder physique. This process removes stubborn fat that you have, and helps you gain a more toned, lean appearance.

What You Need to Expect

When a patient opts for high-definition ab liposuction, he will need to wear a compression garment, use drainage tubes, and possibly take antibiotics while healing. The post-op recovery process goes easily, with most as patients normally returning to work in only a few days.

Pec Enhancements

Pectoral implants are ideal for candidates who cannot seem to develop their chest as they would like with standard bodybuilding routines. Similar implants can also be added to the biceps to enhance the muscles in this area at the same time. Most bodybuilding candidates either opt for abdominal sculpting or pec enhancement to upgrade their workout returns.

This surgery starts making a small incision in your armpit. The implants are kept intact by the pectoralis muscle. This way, muscle function is not impaired, which allows a patient to exercise after healing. Unlike the implants that are used for females, these implants feel firm to the touch.

Gluteal Augmentations

The butt is often what makes or breaks a bodybuilding career. Candidates who want to redefine their butts may find gluteal enhancement to be the right solution. This offers a more balanced profile by augmenting the gluteals with injections of a patient’s own body fat.

Post-Op Care

After gluteal enhancements, patients cannot sit down or lie on their back for about three weeks. A special compression garment will have to be worn to lessen swelling. Patients will generally return to their daily activities or work after about three weeks after the augmentation. The swelling fully subsides after about six weeks, after which, you can go back to living life normally.

Sounds like a good way to kick off your bodybuilding life, doesn’t it? If so, it’s time to take the next step towards the body that you want. Call Dr. Steinbrech and get the winning body you deserve.
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