BodyBanking® for Men LA

BodyBanking® for Men in LA

Some men have all the luck – they can go to the gym, work out, and get incredible results. However, most men do not have this luck. Due to aging or genetics, many men simply have layers of stubborn fat that refuse to budge.

Dr. Steinbrech uses BodyBanking® to help men get great results and look more muscular. BodyBanking® is a specialized body fat transfer for men that sculpts, contours, and rearranges fat to help men get the results they want.

What is Turn Fat to Fit®?

Turn Fat to Fit® is a procedure used by Dr. Steinbrech that strategically removes body fat from

unflattering areas, then uses that very same fat to give men a more muscular, toned appearance. This is often done with MuscleShadowing®.

What is MuscleShadowing®?

MuscleShadowing® is Dr. Steinbrech’s trademark technique that etches away excess fat to add even more definition to specific muscle groups. Popular MuscleShadowing® locations include a man’s abdomen, deltoids, and biceps – just to name a few.

How BodyBanking® is Done

Dr. Steinbrech first has a consultation with his patient to determine what the patient’s goals are, and to determine whether or not BodyBanking® is a solution. Once a patient is cleared and everyone is on the same page about results, Dr. Steinbrech books a procedure.

During the actual procedure, Dr. Steinbrech injects anesthetic into both the recipient and donor areas. This is followed by an injection of fluids that help fat collection in the donor area. Dr. Steinbrech then uses a cannula to suction out fat, treats the fat, and then injects it into target regions.

Why Choose BodyBanking® ?

Dr. Steinbrech’s BodyBanking® technique is incredibly popular, because it delivers incredible results. It leads the pack in male plastic surgery for the following reasons:

  • It has a rapid surgery time, averaging an hour
  • Results are long-lasting and require little maintenance
  • Body fat is hypoallergenic and naturally biocompatible
  • It’s cost-effective when paired with other procedures
  • There’s also little to no downtime involved

Learn More About BodyBanking®, MuscleShadowing®, and Turn Fat to Fit®

Dr. Steinbrech currently is one of the only doctors in the world to truly master these techniques – and that’s because he invented them. You can learn more or book a consultation by calling his office today.

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