Body Fat Injections for Men NYC

Body Fat Injections for Men NYC

Are you looking for a way to add volume and definition to certain parts of your body, but don’t want to deal with implants? Body fat injections are a great way to get it done – and the material you’ll be using to enhance your features already comes from you. Dr. Steinberch’s body fat injections are used to enhance a man’s physique when implants are not an option.

Are Body Fat Injections Right For You?

Body fat injections can be used to add contour, mass, and definition in areas throughout your body. It’s regularly used in men’s arms, buttocks, calves, and even certain parts of the abdomen. When done well, it’s a natural looking result. However, it’s worth noting that this is typically a temporary procedure – with some rare exceptions.

Body fat is 100% biocompatible, so there’s no need for-pretesting. Most body fat injection procedures take an hour and require minimal downtime. Most men will be able to head back to work within a week after their procedure, if not earlier.

How It Works

The process begins by Dr. Steinbrech selecting a donor area and a recipient area. Both areas are given anesthetic. Next, the donor area is injected with a saltwater, adrenaline, and antibiotic solution that eases fat collection. Dr. Steinbrech then uses a syringe to collect the fat. Once that’s done, he takes the fat, cleans it, and injects it into your recipient area.

Learn More About Body Fat Injections

Call Dr. Steinbrech’s office to book a consultation and learn more about body fat.\



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