Body Fat Injections for Men LA

Body Fat Injections for Men LA

One of the most popular procedures offered at Dr. Steinbrech’s plastic surgery offices are body fat injections for men. Body fat works as a perfect dermal filler, primarily because it’s created inside the patient’s body. This allows it to be used almost anywhere, all without the need to pre-test patients for allergen risks.

Body Fat Injections Improve…

There are a lot of things that body fat injections can improve in men. Dr. Steinbrech offers body fat injections for men that want to improve the look of the following issues:

  • Thin lips, sunken cheeks, and hollow eyes
  • Areas of the body that lack volume
  • Muscle groups that remain disproportionately small despite gym activities
  • Lipoatrophy due to illness or injury

Dr. Steinbrech consults with each of his patients to determine whether body fat injections will work for them.

How Body Fat Injections Are Performed

Before the procedure starts, Dr. Steinbrech will numb both the donor and recipient areas with anesthetic. This can be done via local or general anesthesia, depending on the surgery and the location of the transfers.

He will then inject a saline cocktail into the donor area, which will help fat become easier to collect. Using a syringe-like tool, he then collects excess fat from the donor area and puts it into treatment. Once it’s treated and deemed clean for reinjection, Dr. Steinbrech injects the excess fat into your targeted area.

Most men might be a bit shocked by the amount of fat injected into them, but they shouldn’t be. Some of the fat will be reabsorbed by your body soon after the procedure. The entire procedure typically will take around an hour to perform.

Recovery From Body Fat Injections for Men

Believe it or not, body fat injections are fairly easy to recover from. Most men will experience little downtime and may have side effects like swelling or bruising for a week or so post-procedure. In all cases, body fat injection recovery is overseen by Dr. Steinbrech.

Body fat injection results are immediately visible, though results will typically need time to stabilize. Any and all strenuous exercise will need to be avoided until cleared by the surgeon. You also may need to maintain your injections, as not all injections are permanent.

Are Body Fat Injections Right For You?

Not all people who have considered body fat injections should get them. According to Dr. Steinbrech, the ideal candidate will be a man who:

  • Is in generally good health
  • Wants to add volume or contour his face or body
  • Has realistic goals with fat injections

Talking to Dr. Steinbrech is the easiest way to ensure that your body fat injection questions will be answers professionally, succinctly, and honestly. If you are curious about body fat injections, book a no-obligation consultation today.



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