Body Fat Injections for Men in Fort Lauderdale

Body Fat Injections For Men In Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Steinbrech offers top quality fat injections for men in Fort Lauderdale who want to redefine the shape of their body. Properly administered fat injections are safe, can add volume to features, and can also be used to help boost a man’s youthful appearance. Body fat injections can be performed in almost any part of your body.

How Fat Injection Transfers Work

To begin your transfer, Dr. Steinberg injects an anesthetic in both the donor area and the receiver areas of your choice. Next, a medicated salt water solution is then injected into the donor site to assist in a quick fat collection. After that’s done, Dr. Steinberg collects some fat using a syringe-like tool and preps it for re-injection. It’s then transferred over to the treatment area. One thing that may surprise male patients is the sheer amount of fat that needs to be collected to do a transfer. Truth be told, it’s deceptive. Surgeons need to collect little extra fatty tissue because your body will reabsorb a portion of transferred fat naturally.

The Benefits of Fat Injections Include:

  • No need for pre-testing and no concern for bovine collagen reactions, since the fat is from your own


  • The average procedure time averages an hour
  • Results are long-lasting and possibly permanent
  • Virtually no downtime
  • Minimal discomfort, even for highly sensitive patients
  • Cost-effective when paired with similar surgeries

What to Know Before Getting Fat Injections in Fort Lauderdale

  • The time you see results will vary greatly depending on your location – as will the time before you

require maintenance

  • Typical surgery side effects like swelling, sensation loss, redness and/or bruising can happen for as

long as two days after the procedure.

Want More Information About Fat Injections?

If you’re considering getting fat injections in Fort Lauderdale, you need to have a consultation with a qualified specialist who will understand you and what you want your body to look like. Call Dr. Steinbrech to learn about your options and book a consultation.



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