Kybella Benefits for Men

14 Aug 2020

Kybella Benefits for Men

If you have excess fullness beneath the chin that you’re self-conscious about, the chances are you’re not alone. This can affect men at any age, whether you’ve struggled with it your whole life or only noticed it recently.

Submental fullness—also referred to as a “double chin”—can be caused by genetics, weight gain, and/or aging. This stubborn fat under the chin tends to stick around no matter how much you diet or exercise and can lead to an unbalanced facial appearance or and heavier look. For men, this can be problematic and detract from chiseled features including a strong, sculpted jaw and chin.

In the past, traditional surgical methods like liposuction and neck lifts were the only options for men. For mild to moderate amounts of excess fat in this area, Kybella is the easiest way to get rid of a double chin. This treatment is the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that can drastically improve the facial profile.

Kybella is an injectable treatment that permanently destroys fat cells under the chin. The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that breaks down and absorbs fat. In this application, Kybella—a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid—is injected directly into submental fat. The injection then breaks up fat cells, dissolving them forever. One of the benefits of Kybella for men is that it’s a safe, effective way of eliminating a double chin without having to undergo surgery and the results are long-lasting to permanent.

Most male patients typically need 2 to 4 Kybella treatment sessions, spaced about 1 month apart. This will depend on the amount of fat present and each individual patient’s response to the injections. Some patients may need up to 5 or 6 total treatments, but sessions are typically quick, painless, and can be performed within about 15 minutes. After the treatment, no special care is needed and regular activities can be resumed immediately.

For those who are unfamiliar with Kybella or want to learn more, here’s how it can help.

Top 5 Kybella Benefits for Men

1. It’s a quick, easy, and minimally-invasive procedure.

Kybella is different from other double chin treatments in that it doesn’t require surgical incisions, downtime, or general anesthesia. Kybella is the only minimally-invasive procedure available today to treat a double chin. During a Kybella treatment session, a series of 10-20 injections are administered directly into the patient’s double chin area. The procedure itself only takes 15 minutes and the fat cells will begin to dissolve immediately.

2. There’s no downtime.

For most men, the recovery process after receiving a Kybella injection is minimal. The patient is able to go home the same day and resume regular day-to-day activities right away. Immediately following the treatment, patients may experience soreness in the injection area. One of the benefits of Kybella for men is that each subsequent treatment, there’s typically a reduction in recovery time.

3. Side effects are rare and temporary.

Directly after a Kybella treatment, male patients can expect redness, swelling, bruising, and discomfort at the injection site. In some cases, men have reported numbness or areas of hardness. All of these side effects are temporary and will clear up on their own. Please contact your technician or primary health-care professional if you have difficulty swallowing, facial/muscle weakness, or you develop an uneven smile.

4. Noticeably more attractive, youthful appearance.

By dissolving stubborn fat deposits below the chin, you’re one step close to seeing the chiseled chin and sculpted jawline you once had. Kybella is ideal for men who want a contoured, youthful, and noticeably more attractive appearance. Patients who receive Kybella treatments may need up to 6 sessions in order to achieve the look they want. Injections must be spaced out at least 1 month apart, however, many men have reported seeing visible results within 2 to 4 Kybella treatments.

5. The results are permanent.

One of the most important Kybella benefits is that when injected underneath the chin, the fat cells are destroyed meaning they can no longer store or accumulate fat. This results in a noticeable reduction of fullness under the chin. After the desired look has been achieved, depending on the patient, there is no need for additional treatments or touch-ups. The results are long-lasting to permanent.

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