5 Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures for the Summer

6 May 2024

5 Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures for the Summer

bicep and tricep implant surgeryA man’s pursuit to look great includes male plastic surgery procedures, not just wearing the best attire.  He must also feel great in the body that he’s in.  The key to looking hot at the beach during the summer months is to have a body you’re proud of.  You don’t have to be born with this body – you can spruce your appearance via a variety of invasive or noninvasive surgery procedures.  These include liposuction, Gynecomastia, 6-pack implants, bicep implants, and facelifts. Read more to find out why male plastic surgery has been on the rise by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012. Discover the benefits and the confidence it can provide to improve a body physique before summertime. Whether you are a young professional, athletic dad, bodybuilder, or CEO/Executive, stay on top of your game by looking your best this summer.

Below are the top 5 most common male plastic surgery procedures to stay fit and competitive for the beach this summer.


male liposuction results The liposuction procedure provides a fast method that delivers rapid results.  After numbing fluids are applied to the problematic site, a small incision is made in the target area.  The plastic surgeon will then use a hollow tube (liposuction cannula) to suction the fat.

Liposuction is a surgery that’s perfect for the summer due to the fantastic body fat and the cellulite reduction it provides.  Liposuction can be performed on a diverse number of body parts: inner and outer thighs, legs, tummy, buttocks, neck, arms, and even the face.  In men, this procedure places significant importance on removing the surplus of fat around the waist area.


Gynecomastia surgery

Plastic surgery is applied to correct the enlargement of male breasts – otherwise known as Gynecomastia.  Often, enlargement comes for several reasons.  A few of those reasons include medical conditions or medication.  This enlargement of the breasts can happen because of a hormone imbalance.  Estrogen (female) levels and androgen (male) hormones are not in perfect balance.  This condition can happen to one breast (unilateral) or two breasts (bilateral). It is often an embarrassing situation that leads a man to be extremely self-conscious of his body. The man will usually avoid situations where he must take his shirt off.

Gynecomastia removes excess tissue and skin to produce a flatter chest. A tiny incision is made on each side of the chest. If you’re worried about scarring, consider this: an incision across the chest wall is rarely needed. The surgeon may also need to make a small incision under the nipple. The healing for both incision locations is undetectable. A compression vest may be required post-surgery.

6 Pec Implants

6-pack implant

Getting a six-pack is more accessible for some men than others. This is usually due to the time it takes to craft a strict exercise routine and diet.  Thinning out the fat between the skin and muscles creates this sought-after six-pack look.  Due to their genetic build, the washboard abdominal look is never obtainable for many men.  In that case, the 6-pack implants are the surgical shortcut to achieve the look. This procedure is perfect for the summer.  You can go confidently into situations where you can take off your shirt.  The summer heat perfectly shows your more contoured, sleek-cut abdominal six-pack implants.

Abdominal implants are created to mimic six-pack abdominal muscles.  The aim is to define and contour.  The point of entry for the surgery is the belly button.  This is the place where a doctor will make a small incision.  The plastic surgeon will then place six or eight carefully sculpted individual implants.  These implants are made to be as natural to the touch as possible; they conform to the muscles and are flexible.  The flexibility perfectly accommodates your body’s activity and movement.

Bicep Implants

Bicep implantA cut is usually made in the armpit region, and then the surgeon identifies the connecting tissue overlying the bicep muscle. A cut is made in the connecting tissue to access the bicep muscle.  A pocket is then made just under the bicep muscle but on top of the long bone of the upper arm.   The surgeon can then insert the custom-made implant into the pocket that he/she created to suit a patient’s anatomical shape.

The best part about having your biceps is that they are the muscle group most frequently noticed by many! If you have nicely developed arms, people want to know about your fantastic workout routine—more opportunities to wear muscle shirts and other summer attire to show your natural bicep implants.


Face lift before and after photo A facelift may be needed if you’re worried about fine lines, wrinkles, deep creases, jowls, the “turkey neck,” or sagging skin.  It’s the perfect summer surgery to refresh and rejuvenate any man’s face.  The popularity of facelifts is prominent due to their lasting effect.  If you want a youthful appearance, the facelift will lift your skin and restore the elasticity that has loosened over the years.

The surgery calls for a well-concealed incision made along the hair’s temple. This incision follows the area above the ear, along the lobe, and then circularly around the ear back to the initial incision. The skin is then raised and pulled outwards. Plastic surgeons tighten and reposition the connective tissue and underlying muscle. Any excess skin is then removed.

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