Skype Consultations Are Now Available

11 Apr 2014

Skype Consultations Are Now Available

Low on time, but still want to stop in for a consultation? We have some good news! Dr. Steinbrech now offers quick and easy Skype consultations. Skype consultations are the easiest way to figure out whether or not plastic surgery is right for for you. It’s just like dropping by our office without actually having to get into your car!

At our offices, we make a point to ensure that our patients get the most convenience possible. Booking with Dr. Steinbrech means you can trust that you’ll get the following perks:

• Close proximity to local airports. We choose our offices by seeing how close they are to airports. This allows quick and easy travel for those who are out of town. 

• Specialized hotel arrangements. Our offices make a point to create arrangements with local hotels. This ensures affordable accommodations in upscale environments for all our clients.

• Private recovery assistance. Need post-op care? Our staff will work with you to ensure that you get the highest quality post-op assistance possible.

• A dedicated staff for out-of-town and foreign patients. For over 10 years, we’ve seen patients come from around the world for our procedures. That’s why we emphasize convenience and care above all.

• Specialized aftercare instructions. Dr. Steinbrech makes a point to offer aftercare instructions that work with long-distance traveling plans you have in mind.

Dr. Steinbrech allows you to reach out to him via Skype, because he knows how important it is to have a convenient way to consult with doctors before you take that step.  He will answer any questions you have, and also advise you – all without you ever having to leave your home!
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