Male Gluteal Augmentation and Buttock Implants in West Palm Beach

Enhance Your Appearance


West Palm Beach is a place where a flat butt is a major no-no, and sadly, not all men can get the behind they want while going to the gym. If you feel embarrassed by your glutes, you’re not alone – and there is a solution. Dr. Steinbrech’s office has helped hundreds of men get a more natural and fuller behind through buttock implants and other surgical gluteal enhancements. Buttock implants give a more balanced body profile by making up for a deficit of natural fat and muscle on a man’s buttocks. Like other implants, gluteal augmentation implants are made of surgical-grade Silicone. If you are not comfortable with implants, fat transfer augmentation for men in West Palm Beach uses injections of the patient’s own body fat to get similar results. You would be surprised by how many different men in West Palm Beach approach Dr. Steinbrech for gluteal enhancements. They can be male bodybuilders seeking out competition-ready buttocks to a Wall Street businessman looking for a more youthful frame. No matter what background they have, Dr. Steinbrech’s expertise and certification for gluteal augmentation in West Palm Beach is one of the most trusted in the state.

Fat Transfer for Buttock Augmentation

The method that Dr. Steinbrech prefers for buttock augmentation is a fat transfer. Fat transfers are a series of safe, easy injections using your own body fat that gives natural-looking results. The gluteal augmentation procedure is a two-part process. For the first portion, you’ll get liposuction in a donor area of your own choosing to collect the fat that will be transferred. Then, the body fat’s cleaned and sent to treatment. Once it’s treated, your body fat will be carefully injected into your gluteal region. Buttock Implants for Men in West Palm Beach Gluteal augmentation implants are the other option. Every implant is specially chosen by Dr. Steinbrech after your consultation to match your particular goal and body type. All gluteal implants are made of pure, medical-grade silicone that feels just like a regular buttock when added inside. During your procedure, Dr. Steinbrech makes a small incision, and the implant gets placed in a position that adds both comfort and volume. Gluteal implants offer an effect that remains permanent unless it’s surgically removed. Unlike other fat transfers, buttock implants will always retain their shape and will never have fat melt away. With implants, Dr. Steinbrech usually requires that patients undergo general anesthesia. The time it will take for implants to be added averages two hours. Any incision marks you have from surgery will be minimal and hidden in hard-to-spot areas.

Your Recovery

After receiving gluteal implants or augmentation recovering patients will be instructed to avoid sitting, bending over, or staying supine for as long as three weeks post procedure. Dr. Steinbrech will advise men on how to better work on their daily tasks and will personally clear men for work. The majority of men who get gluteal augmentation or implants will be able to return to work within three weeks. Dr. Steinbrech also gives compression wear to his patients to alleviate post-op pain, and reduce swelling. Most post-surgery men will experience bruising, swelling, and some lethargy after the procedure. Men should avoid all strenuous work until cleared by the doctor.

Want to Get Gluteal Augmentation in West Palm Beach?

Not many offices offer gluteal augmentation for men in West Palm Beach. To learn about your options, it’s best to call Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to book a no-obligation consultation with his team.

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