Hi-Def Liposculpting With BodyBanking® for Men in West Palm Beach

Hi-Def Liposculpting With BodyBanking® for Men in West Palm Beach

Like liposuction, but want more toned muscles? Then you may be a good candidate for Hi-Def liposculpting. This procedure is more effective alternative to traditional liposuction that also remains slightly less invasive. Most men have problems getting the results they want at the gym. With Hi-Def liposculpting, male patients can obtain the chiseled and toned physique they want, even when gym routines and diet failed. Dr. Steinbrech proudly specializes in Hi-Def liposculpting for men in West Palm Beach and has performed countless operations on patients.

Why Is Hi Def Liposculpting Different?

Hi-Def liposculpting gives you the ability to obtain a chiseled yet naturally athletic physique. When performed on your upper and lower abdomen, Hi-Def liposculpting offers you the slender hip lines and effortless six-pack you’ve been wanting.

The Procedure

Hi-Def liposculpting can’t really be a “one size fits all” procedure. The Hi-Def liposculpting for men in West Palm Beach can vary depending on the amount of fat removed, how much it takes, and even the parts of the body where it’s being performed. The entire process can take one to five hours in the surgery room, depending on all the different factors involved. The decision to use local or general anesthesia can also vary. The method required for your specific Hi Def liposculpting procedure will be explained during a consultation.

The Recovery

After your surgery, you might need drainage tubes, medication, and specialized compression garments to be given to you by Dr. Steinbrech. The drainage tubes will be removed shortly after the surgery, however, taking antibiotics and wearing garments will most likely be needed for at least a week or two. Most West Palm Beach patients can go back to work and daily activity within three to five days of the surgery. The recovery may be easy, but strenuous activity should still be avoided for approximately a month after the surgery is done.

Learn More About Hi-Def Liposculpting

Are you curious to see if you’re a candidate for Hi-Def liposculpting? Please contact Dr. Steinbrech’s West Palm Beach clinic to set up your no-obligation consultation today.


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